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Review by jp16 See Profile

  • Location: united state
  • Cost: $160 per month
Good "Internet is stable, Phone works and TV is Ok"
Bad "Phone support is awful... gotten better"
Overall "They are the only game in town."
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Connection Reliability:
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Value for money:
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I have had Charter for years. When it works it is great. When there is a problem, banging my head on a brick wall is more likely to fix the problem then anything. The Phone Tech support is abisimal. It is obvious that they follow cue cards, which may work most of the time but not always. After I tell them that I reset everything they insist that I do it again. TV: channel offerings are poor but have been getting better. Phone: has been working more than its not. Internet: is one of the better services they offer. I have the corperate number programmed in my cell phone. Calling them is more likely to get an issue fixed then the 800 number. Local Techs are very friendly and know their stuff. Most of them live in town too. Just one question: Why can't I get a bill that is the same each month. It creaps up about 5 cents a month. When I ask them I am told that "costs are going up". Well then why has my cell phone bill been the same for 5 years? I don't understand that.

Overall: Not bad, Only game in town. We won't be getting Fios anytime soon as it is not here nor do I think they plan to be. I would have to think long and hard before switching anyways (not a Verizon fan) I wish another company would come in and offer some competition.

Update: Charter has improved in my town 100% over the past few years. The arrogant phone support is gone. The lady at the local office has even gotten pleasant. Phone service is rock solid. HSI is great. I am on the 30/4 plan and get 40/4 constantly. The channel lineup is somewhat lacking. We pay about 157 for the bundle. We have to watch out for the end of the promo because it will shoot up.

7/22/2013 After a few years we are still chugging along. I have not had any problems. My promo ended and the bill went up, shocker I know. It was $175! After reading about no more "promo" deals I just resigned myself to that fact. I was/am going to look into OTA but the kids really like the Disney Chnnel(s). The wife noticed that the new Disney Junior Channel was on the guide but we didn't get it. We had been waiting for Charter to carry it since it launched. So I went and logged on to Charter's web site and did not find much info. So I then started a chat session and asked them. To my surprise the person to whom I was chatting with offered me a great deal. HBO, Cinamax and Showtime, 30/4 HSI and phone for $153 + tax a month for 12 months. Oh yeah, and the new Disney Channel. So, I scored a promo after all! Not that I watch any of the movie channels, nor ever had any intrest in them...

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Kyle R


Charter implemented a deal breaker...

I have been a Charter user off and on for the past 8 years. Charter offers one of the fastest connections I have seen with the Ultra package for 100bmps. The reason I have left them in the past was because of random unstable connection periods. After two technicians visits testing their line signal, and giving me the ok, the unstable connections come back. In the past many Charter veterans know that replacing their abysmal modems was the cure for these unstable periods. This is a big reason why Motorolla cable modems are so popular.

Well last year for some bad business decision reason, they removed the option of being able to use your own cable modem. That was the deal breaker, and I will suffer slower speeds, because they will at least be more stable.

I simply cannot understand why Charter will adapt a hostile customer option, while improving the overall customer phone support provided. As other customers mentioned the phone people have really improved. However, I told the very nice cancellation lady that not being able to use my own modem was a deal breaker, and she did check with her supervisor for a solution.