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Review by mtf06 See Profile

  • Location: Reno,Washoe,NV
  • Cost: $210 per month
Good "Hmm, you got me here.!.? Still can't answer this question."
Bad "Very slow speed at night 5meg/5meg paying for 100meg/5meg"
Overall "Been 1 month, fix my crap.. phone/internet disconnections"
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I moved to Reno, NV 1 month ago and my speeds are horrible PERIOD.
Fix my stuff NOW please.

Once it's fixed I will change my review.


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fixing speed

if your doing wireless and if your in an apt building or condo and other people have wireless. you may want to change the channel your internet is at. if too many people have the same channel on wireless they sometimes cross and slows down your internet hopefully that helps

Reno, NV

Re: fixing speed

Well the problem is not wireless. Finally they have an answer and said everyone is running on same node and slowing down the internet for everyone in the neighborhood.

Supposedly they are going to fix the node problem tomorrow and said this issue has been escalated as high as it can be.

Hopefully tomorrow its better and I'll change my review.
To be honest I have always liked charter (prices a little high) but usually when they say they are going to fix the problem they do. But come on, a whole month later?

They have been issuing credits like crazy but I think it should have been fixed faster.