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Review by Balplanman See Profile

  • Location: Newtown,Fairfield,CT
  • Cost: $114 per month (24 month contract)
Good "Speed, reliability, service"
Bad "Cost"
Overall "The only show in town -but not any more!!!"
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We've had Charter for near 20 years and service has improved considerably over that time. Initially we had just TV then added broadband in 2001 at 500kb (the good old days). Charter has increased speed over time until currently we have 15/3.

Reliability has also improved and currently is excellent. The only outage recently was for the speed upgrade from 12/1 to 15/3 where (without warning) we lost all service for 3 hours.

Response to service requests has been super. Recently, when power was restored after the October 2011 snow, cable came on too. Although still connected, our cable had pulled off the house so we notified Charter at 3pm -- at 10am the next day a tech was there fixing the problem... while 56% of our town still had no power.

The down side is that Charter is expensive and they have no real competition in this area.

In November 2012 Charter raised our rate by 30% so we moved to Uverse. Seems to be working out and price dropped by 5%. Vonage phone is clearer. We weren't unhappy with Charter's service, just the cost.

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