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Review by MyTechLife See Profile

  • Location: Reno,Washoe,NV
  • Cost: $20 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 21 days
Good "The fastest broadband speeds available. Affordable prices for the first year."
Bad "Installation mix-up between local and national schedulers."
Overall "After a month I am happy enough to drop my AT&T DSL service that I had for 10+ years."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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My Other Reviews

After having AT&T DSL service for over 10 years, I now need speeds greater than 5 Mbps for streaming Netflix and other HD content to my Roku box, I looked to AT&T U-verse and Charter. U-verse wanted a $149 installation fee, plus equipment fee for a service that is slower and more expensive than Charter. So I decided on Charter's 12 Mbps (now 15 Mbps) Internet Express service for a promo price of $20/month, increasing to $35/month after 4 months. The service is about 3x faster than DSL for less cost.

It was about a week from the order date before they could install. However shortly after arriving the tech determined there was a problem with the cable from the box across the street to my house, so he had to schedule a different line person to run a new line to the house before installation could proceed. I asked to re-schedule for exactly 1 week later.

About 3 days before they were supposed to come out for the 2nd time to install, I called to notify them that the line to my house still hadn't replaced. I was then re-scheduled for a week later. A few days after calling I noticed that they replaced the line to my house. The night before my installation, and again that morning I received a call from the automated system notifying me that the tech will be there between 8-10am. By 10am the installer still hadn't shown up, so I called. I was informed that I was rescheduled for the next week because the line to my house wasn't installed - when in fact it was. Apparently there was a mix-up between the local installers and the national scheduling dept.

About 3 weeks after ordering I finally had service installed. Speeds were around 15 Mbps, and there was little packet loss (I run PingPlotter on my PC 24/7). After about 3 weeks of service, and shortly after watching a few HD movies, I noticed my speeds dropped and became inconsistent, and my packet loss was high. I contacted Charter via Twitter, and CS was very helpful and suggested that a tech come out. A few days later the tech came out, but by that time the problems I was having seemed to have been fixed on their own. The tech still checked the line and levels and everything was within spec. However, he replaced the Ubee DOCSIS 2 modem with a Cisco DOCSIS 3 modem. Since the tech visit over a month ago, I've had no speed or packet loss issues.

I was happy a few weeks ago to get a free increase by 3 Mbps on the download (I'm getting about 18.7 Mbps according to the Charter speed test), and an increase of 2 Mbps on the upload.

My concerns are that I am probably exceeding the 100 GB cap, but have no way of measuring what I use. I know my price will increase after the first year, but I don't know exactly how much it will increase - I don't want to be gouged with a price that is more than double the amount I'm paying now. However if I need to move to the 30 Mbps plan for $10 more per month to get the 250 GB cap, I'm OK with that - mostly because I feel $30 for 30 Mbps is a good deal - not that I think unmeasurable caps are good business.

A few weeks after I got service they were offering a better deal to new customers ordering through the website than I had signed-up for. I contacted several different departments, and finally got the retentions dept. to honor the newer, better deal.

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