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Review by kctopitz See Profile

  • Location: Madison,Dane,WI
  • Cost: $30 per month
Good "Big improvement in speed over AT&T, connection now stable"
Bad "Connection problems at first, now resolved"
Overall "Very happy we switched to Charter - and loving the speed."
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Install Co-ordination:
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We have been on AT&T DSL for the past several years. We wanted faster
speeds, but we were weary of AT&T's U-verse - particularly the fact that if
it went down, so would our phone service, which would make any outside
communication difficult since AT&T's wireless signal at our house is

Being the family computer tech and also not having a very high opinion of
AT&T as a company, I made the push to try out Charter Internet again. I agreed to
do so with caution, keeping both services until we were sure Charter would
be problem-free.

The installation tech was great, and arranged for new cable to be run to
the house rather than using the old, existing cable. I was immediately
impressed with the jump in speed over DSL, especially since this was right
at the time that Charter was trialing it's new higher speeds.

Within the first few weeks, I noticed the connection was dropping out
randomly at times. Each time it would reconnect within a matter of minutes,
but that was exactly the kind of problem I was afraid of. I checked the
logs of the cable modem and confirmed that the modem was losing sync and

I called tech support determined to get an actual tech to come out to the
house to check the line rather than settle for any bogus explanation the
phone reps are paid to serve. Having researched the error messages in the
modem logs, I was able to make the case. The tech who came to check the
line was also great. He acknowledged it wasn't something in the house, and
looked further up the line.

Whatever was done from there solved the problem, as no one has noticed any
disconnects during the day. Checking the modem logs, I do see a couple
errors, but they occurred in the middle of the night (4am) so I'm assuming
they could be related to Charter doing maintenance.

Note that this service has been running with a Motorola SB6121 (DOCSIS 3.0)
which I purchased outright rather than leasing from Charter.

All in all, I'm very happy we made the switch, and the improvement in speed
is outstanding at around 30Mbps download, 4Mbps upload.

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