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Review by deraz See Profile

  • Location: Madison,Dane,WI
  • Cost: $60 per month
  • Install: about 999 days
Good "Fast speed, somewhat prompt service"
Bad "Poor afterhours, weekend service. Lack of network knowledgeable reps"
Overall "Good if you have less than 6 network devices and only one subnet"

I switched from ATT DSL a year or so ago. My set up with ATT was a DSL modem and a second subnet behind the modem. We dubbed the DSL a DMZ device and secured the LAN which was behind it, no issues. My first 2 months with Charter were not bad. After two months I experienced problems with the first route, I needed to have multiple SSID's, one for users and another for my stuff. I also wanted to do DHCP reservations. Netgear cg3000d at the time would somewhat do multiple SSID and DHCP reservation, problem was that every time we made a change, the device would have to be rebooted. Oh and I had asked for a dual band router which this was not. Second device was SMC, good LAN but terrible WLAN, If it was not out in the open the penetration of drywall was terrible. Place in the same location as the previous device it had only 20ft range before signal loss made it unusable. Charter replaced again, this time with Motorola SBG6580. Good modem but cable signal was on/off and the modem would reboot whenever it felt like it. Also if there was a service interuption, the device would need to be cold booted before it would acquire a new DHCP address from charter. This was supposed to be a simultaneous dual band device, after receiving it, I found out it was not. Now they brought me back another Netgear CG3000D, this time the device did not have multiple SSID available, still needed to reboot to make some changes. Biggest issue of all, if you plug in a switch or router behind the device after a few days it turns of that port. Charter has no solution for the problem, for you critics out there. The Charter modem is connected the WAN port on my router so there isn;t a DHCP conflict, I also cloned the MAC address of the one of hte devicesto the WAN port in case tht was a problem. I connected a cisco 8 port switch instead thinking that was the issue. (setup as access port not trunk port). Despite all this, charter has no fix. no offering for a device with more than 4 LAN ports and in my opinion, no willingness to resolve the issue. I suspect it is some sort of port security which is detecting multiple MAC addresses on a single interface or a bpdu problem In either case, I cannot see the log that tells me what was detected to cause the port shutdown on the Charter device and Charter does not know how to access the log or is unwilling to tell me. In either case, unless they can provide a solution, I'll be switching to Uverse if it becomes available.

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