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Review by rblizz See Profile

  • Location: North Richland Hills,Tarrant,TX
  • Cost: $105 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "Reliable, fast speeds and good service"
Bad "Bundling -- makes it hard to get just what you want"
Overall "Good, solid service."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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We've used Charter since 2007. There have been a few outages but, for the most part, the service has been reliable and solid. We started with just the Internet for less than $20 a month. (12 month introductory price). When that ran out, my wife bit on the bundle (Internet, Cable TV and Phone). They even threw in HBO and Cinemax (which we never watched). With taxes and fees it came up over $160 a month (too much in my opinion). But we stayed with that until recently, when I finally "de-bundled" the phone and went with CallCentric VOIP -- that dropped about $40 from our bill, so now with taxes and fees it's about $115. The sad thing is we hardly used the phone (we use cell phones). I do admit, their phone service was clear and reliable (but so is CallCentric and it costs about $8 a month.) We pay the extra $10 for the Plus (30 Mbps) service, but Charter keeps moving their speed up, so we could probably save $10 and just go with the Express service. I finally bought my own DOSCIS 3.0 modem, the monthly modem lease had gone up to $7, which I think is excessive.

Service has been good. When I call, instead of going through the voice prompts, the techs told me to say anything BUT answering one of the prompts as they instruct, and it will go to a live person right away. With rare exceptions, the techs have been able to help quickly and take time to explain the issues. They're not evasive when it is a system problem and have answered my questions honestly. The last issue was actually my equipment and they were patient in helping solve the problem.

If I had my rathers, I would like them to cost a bit less and I would like a TV package that would come somewhere in between the "whole enchilada" and the very sparse Basic plan -- we nearly dropped TV altogether because most of our movie and TV watching is online now (Netflix or Hulu). But my wife and kids like some of the shows on the Discovery Channel, the Food Channel and the Disney Channel so we upped for another two years. And, because of the way they bundle, TV and Internet wasn't much expensive than Internet alone would have been.

So, all in all, I'm happy with Charter. A few outages now and then, but good service and good communications -- so no real complaints.

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