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Review by rosem30 See Profile

  • Location: Worcester,Worcester,MA
  • Cost: $80 per month
Good "Once in a while we get the quoted speed, better than DSL I guess"
Bad "Frequent area outages, poor support coordination, pricey"
Overall "Avoid at all costs"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Purchased a higher tier (30/5) plan in August, install time wasn't anything unreasonable as far as I can remember. Area service outages are frequent, occurring at least twice a month since the service has been installed. At the time of this review, we are on our fifth day of intermittent area service outages. Charter's support department has proven to be a quagmire of bureaucracy - though individual call center agents are friendly and knowledgable enough, they are essentially reduced to script readers, given little authority to escalate issues to anyone but equally ineffective supervisors, who resist escalating issues to Charter's corporate support department.

In my case, a call center supervisor suggested I hang up and call Charter's corporate line. Why not forward me directly to the department in question? Who knows. After reaching Charter's escalated support agent 35 minutes later, I was unable to receive any satisfactory explanation regarding my continuing lack of service. Nor was the representative able to explain why their own call center is unable to communicate with local offices regarding multiple days of limited service.

The level of disorganization within their service department, coupled with their clear lack of investment in infrastructure has resulted in an absolutely miserable experience with their product. In my case, as will be true for many of you, Charter is the only real high speed internet provider available. But if you're in an area with a competing cable provider, commercial or municipal fiber provider or an affordable wireless internet provider, I highly recommend that you go with one of them; pretty much anything is better than this.

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