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Review by Shad0wlore See Profile

  • Location: Bethalto,Madison,IL
  • Cost: $160 per month
  • Install: about 27 days
Good "Good speed, reliable connection usually."
Bad "All phone CSRs, and Billing/Package changes constantly"
Overall "Crappy pricing, Support used to be awesome, but since the new management has taken over, everything is going to hell."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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·AT&T (Business S..
I've been a customer of Charter ever since my absolute hatred of AT&T came into play.

If you're contemplating getting Charter, I suggest you let your local office get everything situated.

Don't get me wrong, it's not all wine and roses. Charter's sales group (the ones that call you blindly trying to get you to buy their services) and the basic CSRs are nothing more than phone jockeys that can't use common sense half the time.

Also, Charter often uses subcontractors to do line installs, and be prepared for someone to show up at your house who has no idea what they're doing or how to do it. (Sidenote: Every official Charter tech I've ever had come to the house for an install, have been stellar). Billing/Accounting routinely screw up bills or delete packages that you may be subscribed to... (Don't even TRY to talk sense into the normal CSRs)

As for my ratings.. Pre-Sales, Install Co-ord, and Tech support get an exact 50% rating based on averages. The basic CSRs and scheduled techs usually are batting a 0% success rate.. previously, there was a social media 'Direct' group who were stellar and handled everything to 100%. Every Time. However, they are no longer around, so the company gets a pretty mediocre rating from me.

Truth be told, if it wasn't for the Charter Direct group, I'm not sure I'd have stayed with Charter as long as I have. But *THEY* made all the difference in the world. Because of THEM, I was 100% satisfied with Charter... Now.. I'm just waiting for the ball to drop... and rest assured it WILL drop. Charter's phone support personnel suck.. badly.

I'll reiterate this.. if you want anything done right, go to your local office in PERSON and explain what's going on. At least you have a 50/50 shot to get it right when you're there... on the phone, their corporate office will get you about 10% where you need to be.

Right now, the only reason I'm with Charter.. is because they're the lesser of 2 evils.. AT&T being the greater.

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updated 1.3 years ago


Wow pathetic !!!

The "greatest nation on earth" and we have this kind of incompetent developing world service from our telecommunications providers and I might add at OUTRAGEOUS prices compared to other advanced nations around the globe.

Corporate America should be ASHAMED...but alas they have no shame, or humility only greedy fingers reaching for the last penny you have.

It was really surprising that a couple of years ago I thought Charter was turning into a very good company that while working on providing decent profits was also actually interested in providing GREAT customer service. The previous CEO Mike Lovett was doing an exceptional job in my opinion providing a rare balancing act between profits and customer service.

The new CEO Tom Rutledge, is the "Mr. Burns" (from The Simpsons) of the telecomm industry. Charter is now on a course once again to head to bankruptcy from greed and gross incompetence .