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Review by armed See Profile

  • Location: Carson City,Carson City,NV
  • Cost: $164 per month
Good "Its speed is now stable and consistent 24x7. I have eight bonded channels now"
Bad "would like to have better upload speeds"
Overall "Its worth the money"
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Speed ordered is 30MBs down. But it is all over the place... highest was 42 and lowest was 2 MBs..

Got triple play replacing ATT landline and DSL. Total cost with TV and phone including taxes is $164/month. Thats a $15/month savings with faster speed.

The phone and TV are fine but Internet is not all that stable yet.

Update: The Interent stability is fixed and the speed is in the low 40'sMps. I'm happy.

Oh, I got their free cloud storage service. 10 TB and no cost because we went triple play. I like that service... a lot!

Update 4/1/13: Ever since install the night time speed has been less than the 30 MBs (mostly about 10-15-MBs) but the last month I see drastic speed cuts at night. Most nights it drops to 2 MBs and sometimes down to 1.5MBs. I didn't complain before because the speed was at least 50% faster than my old DSL. But these new low speeds are a drag and its time to start squeaking like an ungreased wheel,

Oh, the unlimited online backup is history for new subscribers now... but it was very slow for uploads anyway.

Update 11/16/13: The low download speeds at night were fixed around June and I have 8 bonded channels and consistent speed 24x7

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Nashville, TN


How can one have 10TB cloud storage? the bandwidth cap is 250GB a month....


Re: 10TB?

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You know they don't seem to be enforcing it. One rep said they won't on this. I don't know but its way beyond my needs anyway. I have all my music and pictures backed up there and my wife's documents. Total about about 40 gigs so far. Its not an issue for me as I won't exceed 250 gigs a month anyway.

Last night I backed up my Garmin GPS at about 6 gigs. It took about 5 hrs since upload is much slower( 4Mps). So up loading 10 TB would be a time problem. LOL

It so far is a nice surprise that I didn't expect much from. Their program seems to work well and it even has the storage cloud acting like a system drive so you can drag and drop files into it and it automatically uploads it. Plus they have an automatic backup program that works much like windows automatic backup.

It is serving as my redundant off site backup that I have been looking for. And with Triple play it free to boot.

Here's how it shows in the Windows Explorer window:

BTW I used to read you a lot when you were active on the Millinium board.


Slow Charter speed

I first got Charter broadband in 2002 and at first it was slow as dial up. The reason: squirrels. Charter replaced the affected line. I finally got broadband speed. They assurred me it was squirrel proof.

Fast forward to Jan 2013. No interrnet. Squirrels? Yes. Technician replaced 5 ft of cable that had (10) squirrel bites in it.

I am still convinced another section has been on the squirrels' dinner plate.