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Review by novalight See Profile

  • Location: Horicon,Dodge,WI
  • Cost: $140 per month
Good "Fast and reliable Internet"
Bad "Phone loss, now wants boxes for all televisions"
Overall "They are asking too much for price and won't let people buy their own equipment"
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Connection Reliability:
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Value for money:
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Charter was great for years but now they changed the prices. I am trying to get the package deal and it is for a year since the person who was here who had it in their name moved. I was told that all the tvs in my home would require a tv box. I asked why and they told me they have to convert their lines to all digital. I said I have 2 digital hdtvs but they said they have to have the box anyways. I also have 3 CRTs and I said I will buy all the boxes myself for watching regular tv since I have no interest in Pay Per View or even HD since I use an HDMI cable but they told me I can't. They said the boxes will have a "proprietary chip". They also said they had to change cable to digital because of 911. I said this makes no sense and why can't I just buy my own boxes and watch tv like I always do. I have 5 televisions and this will cost me an extra 25 a month besides my regular payments. The odd part is one woman told me I could buy my own boxes for tv but she connected me with a 2nd person who told me I can't. I searched charter and I can't even find this information. They did tell me with the package deal I will get 2 boxes but my aunt will be moving in and all the tvs are set up to watch either in bedrooms or the main one in the living room, which is an LG, LED, HDTV that shouldn't require a box at all if I dont want one. Same goes for the other HDTV. So if I get the 99 dollar package deal for one year I will have to pay the little fees and an extra 15 bucks for the year. They told me after that it goes to 140 a year then add on the 25 bucks for the 5 tvs, which right now only two are in use and that is over 165 bucks a month???

I love the internet, it is fast but also I can't buy my own modem now either. So if I do get this service package it's going to cost me a fortune. Their phone sometimes cuts out and I have no service and I don't have a 2nd phone. There aren't a lot of options for service around here and satellite is too expensive and not an option for internet. I am not interested in Magic Jack or Vonage either.

Customer support is a joke because I can barely understand anything they say and they contradict each other.

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Queen Anne, MD


5 tv's and you're complaining about the cost?

$165 for 5 tv's, phone and Internet seems pretty darn reasonable to me.