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Six Month Rating

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Review by cvrefugee See Profile

  • Location: Riverside,Riverside,CA
  • Cost: $45 per month
  • Install: about 12 days
Good "Very fast and consistent speeds"
Bad "Price has gone up each year since initial promotional period"
Overall "Great deal for new customers, so-so for existing ones"
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Install Co-ordination:
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Having recently moved to a new city I found two ISPs to choose from, Charter and AT&T. Having dealt with AT&T DSL for the past 10 years I was excited to be able to try out faster service with Charter. I ordered the 30/4 package for $29/mo (1-year contract) which included a Cisco DPS3010 modem at no extra charge. The install went okay and the tech was able to get it working very quickly. He was very sociable and seemed knowledgeable.

I haven't had any major problems in the six months of service besides having to reboot the modem a couple of times. I live in a smaller apartment complex and my speeds are fairly consistent, sometimes slowing down to 15mbps during peak times.

My only complaint is regarding the Charter marketing department, as they were calling my phone several times a day to upgrade to the Triple Play package. My wife and I are not interested in utilizing any of their additional services and I've had to block their phone number to avoid future calls.


After nearly two years of Charter service, I will say their uptime has been phenomenal. Only once has the service been interrupted and that was for a short while. My main complaint is regarding the pricing. There is no clear documentation that I could find which explains how the promotional pricing works. I've since found out that the first 12 months are billed at $30 per month, the next 12 months at $45 per month, then $60 per month thereafter. After I started getting billed at $45 per month, I contacted Charter to see if I could renew my contract to obtain the promotional pricing. The CSR explained that was not possible and told me how the price goes up after each 12 month period until it reached $60. Now, I don't mind paying $60 per month, but not for 30/4 speeds. I've read that the downstream speeds will increase to 60mbps at some point but have not seen that happen in my area yet.

Overall I still recommend Charter over AT&T, but let's be honest, there really is no competition if you want true HSI. Charter is the only choice in my area.

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Speed Upgrade

I'm surprised you haven't seen the 60mbit speed upgrade yet, I thought Riverside had it turned on already. Up in Crestline we got 60mbit for business class last November and for everyone else earlier this year.

Riverside, CA

Re: Speed Upgrade

I'm in Canyon Crest and have only seen the speed increase a little bit every once in a while, but nothing above 35mbps.

Fernley, NV

Charter HSI

If you are not getting 60meg you should open a service call ticket. They had to move my connection to a different router. Also, inspect how your modem and any firewalls you might have in place are configured. Make sure the firmware is the latest, and insure that 'Stateful Packet Inspection' is disabled.

Doing both of these things made a 4x increase in my speeds.