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Review by razorbladebi See Profile

  • Location: Mansfield,Tarrant,TX
  • Cost: $29 per month
Good "Good speed (22-24MBps/30MBps)"
Bad "Price increased 30% over the past 3 months"
Overall "Until there are more choices, you pretty much have to put up with it."
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I've had Charter cable server (Internet Only) for over two years. I had a nice deal for $40/month for 20MBps until November of last year, which pushed it up to $55/mo. They agreed to make it $50/mo until this February, which they pushed it back up to $55/mo to which I promptly cancelled for 6MBps DSL (@ $35/mo). Cheapskate? Maybe, but a 40% premium for bandwidth I don't utilize (and we have 2 desktops, 2 home laptops, a work laptop, a tablet, 3 smartphones, a Skype phone and an Internet-ready TV - and the 6MBps handles most everything fine so far) isn't worth it. 5 people at Charter said they couldn't do any better than $55/mo, which is well beyond my personal sweet spot of $40/mo. We'll see how it is in a few months, I guess.

I will say that for some reason, about 11PM or 12PM almost every night, we would have intermittent connection drops. It wasn't horrible, but again, I watch my bills ( I switch electric companies often here in TX to get the best rates) and I'm not afraid to tell a company where to stick it when they think I'm too complacent to switch. If they kept me at $50/mo I probably wouldn't have switched.


Update: I left Charter after they upped the price of their service to $55/mo. I went to DSL and stayed with them a month before Charter offered my the same service at $30/month for at least two years. So I switched back and the speeds are once again good. However the stability is only so-so. Internet has been down anywhere from 15 mins to several hours four times in eight days (that I know of). Had a tech come out - who was very very nice and friendly and did his job well - a week ago and replaced EVERYTHING from the house to wherever he could (the pole near my house). Still has dropped twice since though, although for less time overall.

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