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Review by Killa200 See Profile

  • Location: Southeast TN
  • Cost: $74 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 10 days
Good "100 meg service for 74.99 was a great offer."
Bad "Peak time slow downs, and the company doesn't know how to follow a binding contract!"
Overall "Pay what you pay now, and expect no guarantees no matter what your told."
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Today was my last day on the old billing cycle before the 100meg tier jumped up by $15.

I was on a 24month price guarantee that had my base rate at $34.99 a month, but since that only affects the base rate, my bill was going to go up anyways. Called in to drop my service down to 30 meg because honestly, $75 a month is the max i felt the 100 meg service in this area was worth. She processed my downgrade, and just like that I was told it instantly nulled my 24 month guarantee, and that i would now have to pay the base rate of 54.99 a month which is the current pricing for 30 meg service.

Have to love how the customer is the only one that has to follow the contract you sign into.... maybe I should send them a bill for them terminating the contract early?

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united state
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Gotta pay for Tom's $4.41 million bonus

The same thing happened to me. Even with the 24 month price guarantee, they were still able to increase the price they charge me for the 100Mb tier by $15. When I switch to the 30Mb tier I will pay the $55 rate and my contract will be void.

Screw you Tom Rutledge!

Southeast TN

Re: Gotta pay for Tom's $4.41 million bonus

After filing a complaint with the BBB I was told that my march of 2010 24 month agreement expired march 2013 ( 36 months = 24 months?) and that is why the price went up. After trying to reason with her that prior to the expiration they called and renewed, hence why my bill was reflecting promotional offers, i just called it quits with reasoning. Told her "Well I guess if i am out of contract, then we will just cancel since the pricing has escalated so much".

Its like I hit a magic button. All of a sudden she could fix me up with another year of promotional pricing on my single service only account. It got me down to $39.99 a month, not my original $34.99, but there is only so much I can fight for before its just not worth the frustration.

Moral of the story? Guys I'm not trying to screw charter and stay in "promotional limbo". I just want what I signed up for to be honored the way that I am described. In 12 months will I pursue another contract if it is out there, or continue service? That is something to be seen, but I know I will be approaching it with the bad taste of this mess in my mouth.