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Review by BeDubb See Profile

  • Location: Chesterfield,Saint Louis,MO
  • Cost: $35 per month
Good "Speed"
Bad "Customer Service, Reliability"
Overall "Bundle or die"

The company that made me give up cable is now working to make me give up home internet. I reduced my internet service to their lowest tier a couple months ago since I was essentially only occasionally using it for Netflix (on a TV) and iPad surfing. They eliminated that tier recently, so their basic service rate has gone back up to the old price. I learned this when my bill went up. It took months to get off their "bundle offer" call list and now they've essentially forced me to pay the bundle price to keep service. Tethering to a 4G phone might be enough for my needs at this point.

The cable modem has to be power cycled regularly for some reason or else I have intermittent service. Not quite the "utility" level of service I have gotten from other providers in other major cities over the years.

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