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Review by kendall0401 See Profile

  • Location: Morganton,Burke,NC
  • Cost: $175 per month
Good "Great speeds, great prices, great field techs, low pings"
Bad "can't think of any"
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For the past year and four months I had Charter hd tv and 100Mbps internet. AFTER the year promotion my bill went up to 174.xx and although high, I couldn't complain.

Being a gamer, student, technology lover, the fastest internet speeds possible were my goal in my purchasing. When ordering I asked to have a DOCSIS 3.0 modem installed, I was given just that in the form of the Ubee 3.0. It never failed me, but I did have to reset it a couple times. At first I only paid for 30Mbps, but my average wired speeds were around 53 Mbps down and 5.8 Mbps up. At the time that I ordered however, my fiancee' and I weren't financially stable enough to get the full 100Mbps down, but wanted that as an option for the future. At these speeds we were more than pleased with the quality. We could simultaneously play games together (hosting more often than not), both stream HD Netflix at the same time in different rooms, even download ultraviolet movies fairly quick.

Eventually our financials settled and the time had come to check out the ultimate speeds! I called a rep and they informed me I could try the 100Mbps/6Mbps speeds free for a month, and I jumped all over it. Let me tell you, WE HOSTED EVERY GAME and that was with me and my fiancee' playing together at the same time in different rooms. Even if one was streaming HD Netflix, downloading a movie, etc. and the other was playing, that person still hosted. Our friends' connections that we played with improved, including his little brother that has dsl because they were connecting to us instead of random people out of town. Hardly ever did we see a three bar connection (based on pings more than bandwidth). I will say that connecting to our friend in San Diego did render a three bar connection most times if he hosted the party. A lot of people complain of slow game downloads, but rest assured, that is usually the Xbox live/game servers more than charter's internet. The multiplayer games we played/tested were Call of Duty MW3 and Black Ops 2, Borderlands 2, Halo 4, Assassin's Creed 1-3, Gotham City Imposters, Minecraft, and many more!

HD TV service was always reliable and the Dolby Digital surround sound processing created an impressive virtual soundscape over my Definitive Technology 5.1 surround sound. Charter's On demand is what we used for DVR, and the selection for that is outstanding as well.

I gave connection reliability a 4 because I had a problem about 8 months into service with intermittent internet issues. However, charter was quick to send out techs to fix the problem, earning them a 5 in tech support (along with other things mentioned later). The first one thought he fixed it, but to it wasn't a day before I realized it wasn't, so I just called them back. The next day a level 2 tech was sent and a bad 3G coax connector was found to be letting water in the lines, causing frequency spikes and knocking the modem offline. The tech gave me his cell number, talked directly to his supervisor, and performed a temporary fix until the line trucks could get there (It was raining that day). He also gave us a free movie rental coupon and Charter gave us a discount on our bill for the problems (earning them even more kudos and a 6th star if it was available). I never once raised my voice either (for all those folks who think you have to be mean to get something free). The next day the line truck was there. After the truck finished, we never once had another problem.

If you have the opportunity to get Charter services, DO IT. I recently moved and had to cancel my Charter services (many sad faces), but I can promise you this, you will in fact like Charter services more than AT&T Uverse (pings are faster, speeds are faster, and there's no contract) I repeat that.... There is no contract, so if you move somewhere or want to change service options you won't have to pay a disconnect fee.

Overall I loved my Charter services. I'm working on getting them to expand to my area. If you are looking for a new ISP, and Charter is available, quit wasting time looking at other providers and just go with Charter!

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