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Review by CoolMan See Profile

  • Location: Tennessee
  • Cost: $60 per month
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Quite Reliable, Receive Speeds Promised"
Bad "Shutdown the VERY helpful Social Media/Direct Support team"
Overall "It's either Charter or AT&T U-Verse Internet (with 18Mbps being the fastest available at our address)..."
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Install Co-ordination:
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Value for money:
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My Other Reviews

Overall Charter is reliable and we receive the speeds we pay for. We have the 60 Mbit/s plan (previously 30) which is one of only two plans offered now, with the 100 Mbit/s being the other. We do not subscribe to their TV or Phone service. When we originally subscribed Charter offered a 3 Mbit/s and 15 Mbit/s plan also. They also allowed customer owned modems when we subscribed. Late June 2012 they made a lot of changes to the company. There new CEO Tom Rutledge has made changes to the company that some people are not happy with such as: no longer allowing new customers to use their own modem, raising prices, dismantling the Social Media/Direct Support Team, no longer offering more competitive speed plans, and it really goes on and on...

Also an update to some of the above, Charter has now been officially allowing customer owned modems for several months now (in addition they do not charge a monthly rental for using theirs), they also modified the Terms/AUP in October 2014 and removed the specific number (250GB, 500GB etc.) of the bandwidth caps, these were very rarely enforced prior. They still have the the following stated which were standard years ago: "Excessive use of bandwidth that in Charter’s sole opinion places an unusually large burden on the network or goes above normal usage. Charter has the right to impose limits on excessive bandwidth consumption via any means available to Charter."

The first major issue we had was when we were initially installed the signal levels coming inside the premises were out of spec due to a problem with the incoming line that was replaced and buried underground much later since the connection worked for a while until the problem became much more worse and caused many problems. These problems as noted in the thread below have since been resolved, and since then we haven’t had any more connection or speed problems.

»[HSI] Cable Modem signal levels continue to drop

November 24, 2013 - Started experiencing issues with loss of sync at night to early morning; it only started occurring when the temperature outside was below 32°F. Called Charter and they sent out a really great technician who was able to find the issue and fix it. Apparently it was a HSI only trap/filter that had went bad and also a bad splice (which was allowing water in which would freeze and cause the modem to lose sync) of the underground cable where it comes up and connects to the cable that connects to the tap. After that we haven't had any other issues since then. We also changed our modem to another one that is capable of 8 channel downstream bonding since it is now available in our area.

December 19, 2013 - Experienced an outage from 2:40AM to about 4:30AM or so, it was back on some in between and went back down again. Called in and they said Charter was doing routine maintenance when something broke in this process which caused the entire area to go down. By 5AM it was up and running and stayed up and is all running normal now.

March 31, 2014 - Water was infiltrating in the down drop from the tap, had to have it replaced twice within this month (March), and at the bottom where it is coupled to the RG-11 before going underground now has a waterproof cover added by the technician. We believe it has helped as we haven't had the water infiltrating inside again yet which was causing packet loss and disconnections.

August 23, 2014 - Internet connection was down from 4:25PM to about 6PM, according to the automated IVR Charter was aware of the issue. Here at DSLR there were reports of DDoS attacks so that may have been a contributing factor.

October 30, 2014 - Experienced a very brief outage lasting only about 45 minutes, this was during the scheduled maintenance window.

December 8, 2014 - Speeds increased to 60 Mbps download, the new "Spectrum" service as Charter refers to it (which is all marketing). We do not have any issues with the connection to report currently and overall it has been rock solid for months.

January 10, 2015 - Updated 'Total Monthly Cost' at the top to reflect the $5 price increase implemented on internet only service.

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