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Review by caseywor See Profile

  • Location: Birmingham,Shelby,AL
  • Cost: $102 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Great internet speed so far/good HD PQ"
Bad "customer service and installation services need to communicate better"
Overall "So far, so good...they seem to offer really fast internet and a pleasing TV product"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Value for money:
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·AT&T U-Verse
I moved into an apartment near Birmingham, AL, after relocating for a new job. Although U-verse is available, I decided that I needed to go for speed and low latency. Therefore, Charter was really the best choice. I place the order on their website, and these are the details of my order:

TV Select - Your favorite local programming with FREE HD and access to over 10,000+ On Demand choices ¡V including HD and movies in 3D.

Internet Plus - Enjoy download speeds up to 30 Mbps and upload speeds up to 4 Mbps.

Video Equipment - 2 HD Boxes

Internet Equipment - FREE Modem Included.

Monthly Charges - $101.96 (plus taxes and applicable fees)

One-time Installation Charge - $29.99

Order Total - $131.95

On June 4, 2013, I had the installation. One problem I ran into was that I had forgot about making a provision for my TiVo. As you can see, the order included two HD boxes, and not a cable card nor a switched digital video adapter. I called the night before to make sure that they include the needed equipment for the TiVo, and the operator confirmed it. However, when the installer came, he only had the original two HD boxes with no DVR capability. I made a mistake on the order, but they didn¡¦t make the changes the night before like they should have.

The installer was very polite and professional looking. This was actually kind of a surprise after having dealt with Mediacom in the past whose installers could often look fresh out of jail. ƒº The installer took about an hour or so to get the line to my apartment ¡¥hot¡¦, the HD boxes connected, and the modem synced.

After the process was complete, and the installed left, I was able to begin taking a look at what I had. I first checked the speeds using speedtest.net, and was impressed with the results. I got around 50Mbps (didn¡¦t get a screenshot, will do it later) while directly plugged into the modem. This is far beyond any connection I ever got with Mediacom, my last provider. I then got my wireless router working, and also got my Vonage phone up and running. I didn¡¦t go with the Charter phone, I am in a contract with Vonage and signed up with them while I was in a temporary living arrangement with a friend and didn¡¦t know where I would be living. So far, internet wise, things are really working well, despite complaints from other people in the area. Specifically, my work which isn¡¦t more than a mile from my apartment uses Charter for internet and our IT VP complains of them a lot. I think some problems in the area could have to do with the cable system in this area being one that used to be a small provider called Shelby Cable that really used to have severe reliability problems, although they only offered TV at that time. I guess if you take over an obsolete system, you have to make sure changes are made.

The TV service is really good, I am happy with it so far. Cable has come a long way, and I like it as much if not more than satellite these days. The boxes are fast to change channels, and the picture quality seems to be really great, I think that they have improved PQ due to the recent deletion of analog channels in this area. I am going to have to either get a cable card and switched digital video adapter to get TiVo up and running again, or get a DVR from them. However, the Cisco Explorer (formally Scientific Atlanta) boxes they provided are pleasant to control, albeit a little bit bulky. One complaint I have about their HD boxes is that the menus and guides aren¡¦t the most eye pleasing. They look very early 2000¡¦s in appearance. It looks like they are still using an SD interface for the HD boxes.

This is all for now, I will update this review as time progresses, in chronological order from top to bottom.

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