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Review by jazzisjazz See Profile

  • Location: Easley,Pickens,SC
  • Cost: $54 per month
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Best available speed without unwanted extra services"
Bad "Regular upsale calls, promo 34.95 pricing is over"
Overall "If a less costly plan were available at half the speed I'd get that immeadiately"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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All I need is the fastest speed within my budget. I can do the other services myself. 30megs down/3 up @ 34.00/month. Order - After asking repeatedly and being refused on many separate occasions, they finally offered me what I wanted. Install easy - had my own modem, guy came to check line and speed, went fine. Motorola SB5101. I don't understand why they can't offer a decent speed at a decent price without a promo offer. Connection has been solid. Have not needed tech support. All I ever want is the fastest connection for whatever I decide to spend for it. Generally speaking dealing with customer service or sales or tech support from any of the available providers is always disappointing, frustrating, and often unsuccessful for anyone even slightly tech savvy. Its just an accepted fact. If you could get better customer service, competitive speeds, and reasonable pricing you would go somewhere else but there is little or no competition in the market.

UPDATE: Promo pricing is over and I'm looking for an alternative that isn't yet available. Somebody please find a way to compete in my area with better speeds, better pricing, no caps or cost per Gb. Why are we still on the extreme profit model for what has already become a utility service?

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I'm not sure why Charter doesn't want my business.

I'm trying to sign up for new service. The only service that is available in my area that doesn't have a data cap is Charter's cable Internet. I moved here a couple of weeks ago. I rent a room because I'm only going to be in town for 9 months until my contract is up. The room I rent already has a cable line running in. I got a modem and plugged it up and it works as far as getting a signal. It brings up the charter install page without any trouble. Now all I need is to get this modem activated and have them send the bill here. Here are the multiple reasons I've gotten from Charter on why I can't become a customer.

I was told by the representative that they couldn't find this address in their database even though the lady I rent the room from already has TV and Telephone service at the address from Charter.

Another representative for Charter told me that it's against FCC regulations for them to send two bills to the same address and can't add me into the system because of that.

I was told by a different representative than the other two, that someone has to come out and hook this modem up, which I responded with "What about self installs that I've done in the past?" and they just changed the reason to I need to get my tenant to call them and get the service in their name which won't happen because my tenant won't get a bill for someone else in her name because that's "stupid to do and pointless" in her words. The girl at Charter said that it was going to be real easy to convince the tenant to just call up Charter and get the service in their name. No one in their right mind will get a bill for an almost stranger in their name. What a stupid suggestion and criteria.

So here I am, money in hand, needing this service for my new contract job I just started, ready to pay and become a new customer. I'm not pulling any scams or trying to get one over on Charter in anyway. But for some my money is no good with Charter.



Poor Customer Service

I have never had so many problems with one company. Their customer service reps are anything but helpful. I finally canceled my services with them and then continue to get billed for it. After this issue was resolved they told me that i owed them $300 for the modem that i was using which was a load of bull because i had this long before using their services. I had to jump through hoops to get this resolved. Would not recommend this company to anyone looking for service.