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Review by frankie10 See Profile

  • Location: Temple City,Los Angeles,CA
  • Cost: $200 per month
Good "Great internet when it works. TV services seem behind other companies/outdated."
Bad "If you have a problem, you wil probably never get it fixed."
Overall "I recommended Charter back in the day, but not anymore. Fast internet, but support is horrible if you have an issue."
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I've had Charter internet and TV since 2003, so I am a LONG time customer. Had a few issues here and here with techs coming out to my house, but nothing major. Internet was a dream - reliable and fast. My only complaint then would be that TV services seem outdated and behind other companies (even the cable boxes seem old).

Since June 2013, maybe even before, my life with Charter has been a hair pulling experience... TV cuts out constantly (sound cuts out, black squares, freezing picture, and cutting out completely). Internet is no longer reliable - its fast when it works, but very frustrating when it reboots all day. Modem log is full EVERY DAY with reboots and errors. Had techs out to my house 3 times since June 2013, they replaced the drop, splitters, and connections. The last time a tech came out, he literally told me there is nothing further he could do (really?) and gave me a managers number. After harassing his manager almost every day when there was outages multiple times per day, he gave me a ticket number and a intermittent problems number. It has been over a month with THIS number now, and still no resolution. He has told me that there are problems in the area, but they once again can not find a problem...

I would no longer recommend Charter - when it works, its great, when it doesn't work, it most likely will never work again... I did not realize how bad customer support/techs are with this company because I had minimal contact with them since 2003. Now, I can not even enjoy my weekends off with some TV/gaming. I pay 200+ a month, and of course I do not mind if there is a few problems, but when you pay this much money, I think it is reasonable to expect a resolution with problems much quicker than 4 months. I will also be sending my complaint to the BBB, and since I am no longer in contract, canceling their service if this issue is not fixed within the month.

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