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Review by political_i See Profile

  • Location: Bozeman,Gallatin,MT
  • Cost: $40 per month
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Service, speed, reliability, customer service at office"
Bad "Sales people, peak hour sees 33% reduction, modem continuously disconnects"
Overall "If you want a fast connection, good installation, get on board"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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UPDATE (6/28/14) No longer have service since I moved. I was having issues with the modem they issued. No hassles for turning in equipment, they got me all squared away quickly, no issues.

UPDATE (4/14/14): I am getting a bit tired of my modem continuing to disconnect from my Airport. I am not sure if this is equipment or on the headend.

UPDATE (2/7/14): Speeds were just increased to 30/4. Restarted the modem and now have full speed. Still $40 a month. I cannot apparently get fiber to my house but I think that may change not too far from now.

I was moving into a residence with Centurylink 6/1 so I decided I wanted to get a faster connection and go with Charter. When on the phone, they tried to sell me the triple and double plays which was absolutely irritating. I was able to negotiate them for 15/2 for $40 a month. Had I known I could be serviced by fiber, I probably would've tried to negotiate further. I setup the install for a Friday and could have gotten the install done two days earlier but given my schedule that was a no can do. I setup an appointment from 3-5 pm. I ended up receiving a call at 2 pm on the day of installation saying the installer would be there in 10 minutes. I was a bit stunned due to my 2 hour window. I would rather have it early than late but still a bit annoying since I had to cancel an appointment all of a sudden due to the installation.

The installer was done quickly in 30 minutes and quite nice. Apparently, I managed to lose some of my keys and he returned them the same day. That earned some good points.

I once accidentally hit the standby button on the modem, called tech support but that took a bit more time due to the automated prompts and going through those. Luckily, I was able to get someone without being on hold and they were helpful.

One complaint I do have is peak hour congestion that it drops from 15 to 12 most times. I do have some issues with stream HD video from CBS with some drops here and there but I have had worse connections due to routers. During non-peak I can get up to 17 megs. I am not sure I will stick around since my roommates are considering switching to Montana Opticom which delivers 77 symmetrical for $70 per month.

Overall: I prefer Charter over Centurylink based on customer service and speeds offered. I will probably be switching to fiber to the home if my roommates want it.

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Charter SW Michigan

I'm very happy with my service, just wish they had higher upload speeds If fiber were available I too would probably switch!

I Void Warranties

Billings, MT


Crap. We still have the 30x5 package. Hopefully they don't drop us down a MB if we move.

I've been with this company since they were Bresnan. They've always been rather decent and I've never seen major fluctuations in speed.


Re: 30x4?

Given my location in the Oak Springs sub in Bozeman, I have a conduit box for Opticom but they don't want to run fiber. Honestly, I would rather build an Open Access Network.

I do see speeds decrease during peak hours. I would suggest asking. I do wish Charter would just upgrade 30/4 to 30/5 across their service area.




called to cancel charter, they gave me the wrong address to return equipment. When I called to find out where they were I was hung up on twice. What a rinky dink company! unhappy!!