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Review by oldtechie See Profile

  • Location: Etters,York,PA
  • Cost: $40 per month (12 month contract)
Good "Okay speeds and service until receiving warning out of blue"
Bad "Nondisclosed download and upload caps, too many companies to talk to"
Overall "Monopoly that must be stopped!"
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Value for money:

I am writing to tell you that PenTeleData/Prolog is a very bad choice, You should opt for other cable companies to move into your area and break the monopoly that PenTeleData holds on Pennsylvania, I urge you to write your congress representatives and senators. Something must be done to depose this company and put to rest their unscrupulous and dishonest business practices.

Here's a little background as to why:

I just received the attached letter from PenTeleData, the internet provider that is the sister company of Blue Ridge Cable.

Here's what it stated:

Dear Valued Customer,

Please read this important system message from PenTeleData/Blue Ridge Communications regarding the bandwidth usage statistics recorded for your ProLog Express cable modem Internet service last month. Committed to constantly improving the quality of our services and support, BRC and PenTeleData have started working together on a service enhancement project to identify which of our customers utilize the most bandwidth, and to work with those customers toward reducing that usage to improve the overall performance of our Internet services for all PenTeleData/BRC


After careful analysis of recent usage data, it has been determined that your cable Internet account consumes bandwidth in excess of what is considered normal for the modem package that you are paying for. The usage recorded for your account during the month of November indicates activity that is not in accordance with the guidelines of our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) located at » Please review your computer system(s) and your usage patterns immediately for any activity you think might cause your account to exceed the usage totals reported by 99% of our cable Internet customers.

Blue Ridge Communications and PenTeleData will compare utilization statistics for this month against past usage statistics for your account to reach a conclusion on a course of action to be taken. If you receive a second notice of excessive bandwidth usage, you will be asked to either upgrade to a higher speed residential package or a PenTeleData commercial service account. If you do not choose one of these options, your account may be suspended.

For information on upgrading your account to a higher speed residential package, please contact Blue Ridge Communications at 1-800-cable77. If you are interested in more information on a PenTeleData commercial cable modem account, please call 800-281-3564, ext. 7715. To view a few tips that could help decrease bandwidth usage for your ProLog Express cable Internet account, please click here:

If you have any questions related to this important system message, please contact PenTeleData at 800-804-5783, ext. 7710.

Thank you for your business and continued support.

PenTeleData/Blue Ridge Communications

540 Delaware Avenue PO Box 197 Patmerton, PA 18071

1.800.281.3564 1.800.804.5783

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------

Nowhere on their website or their service agreements did it state anywhere that they have a download/upload cap of 50gigs down/25 gigs up a month and if one runs over that cap, then customers get sent a letter. I called ProLog about this issue who all of sudden had knowledge of this policy, yet nowhere on our agreement does it even mention this cap. Oh and here's another interesting thing, the cap changes! Yes, you heard me, what is 50 gigs today can change to 40, 30, 20 gigs without them telling us! The lady I spoke with last night informed me that she doesn't even know what the cap is unless Blue Ridge tells them just that it has to do with the population increases in certain areas. I questioned her further and she informed me that this means as more people signup, the quota goes down! She then told me that I would have to talk with someone at Blue Ridge in reference to my particular cap. Yet when talking with Blue Ridge Cable the next day about this policy, they pushed the decision off onto PenTeleData. Ridiculous! In speaking with more representatives at PenTeleData, they denied this claim and said that they would be "checking into this" claim, yet they still parroted the policy of the 50/25 gig cap.

She then calmly told me that I could sign up for more quota if I buy one of their other services, which are of course was more money, yet when I went to both PenTeleData's and Blue Ridge cable's site to see the difference in the quotas, you guessed it! It said absolutely nothing about the quota, only that their accounts allowed unlimited access. What they don't tell you is that the "unlimited access" does not mean unlimited downloading and uploading access, it means unlimited access to the internet.

In referring to the letters, they work on a four strike system as follows:

1st letter - Initial warning.

2nd letter - Second warning.

3rd letter - Temporary suspension of service. You must speak with a rep in order for the suspension to be removed.

4th letter - Permanent disconnection. Will not allow service to customer again, period.

And on top of this they start charging $1 per gig over the imaginary quota on some people's accounts! This is sheer madness!

But wait, there's more, if you go to and sign in with your account, you are supposed to be able to view online time here:

( hxxps:// ) Account Management -> Online Time

to see how much bandwidth and amount of download and upload you have done so far according to a report, yet everytime I click to view the report to even see how much has been used I cannot, it simply states "information is not available"!

Try it, I guarantee you won't be able to! So, how can one see how much usage that they have and watch their bandwidth if they cannot see this information?

Now I know that some of you out there will challenge me with the TOS agreement, so I took the opportunity of pasting it below:

Broadband Bandwidth: PenTeleData and your broadband service provider offer multiple tiers of high speed Internet access with different speeds and bandwidth usage limitations (not all packages are available in all areas). Customer acknowledges that any quoted bandwidth rating/transfer rate for broadband Internet Service is a maximum rate and are not guaranteed. PenTeleData and your broadband Internet provider reserve the right to manage its networks to provide for maximum efficiency. As a user, you must ensure that your activities do not improperly restrict, inhibit, or degrade any other user’s use of the service or PenTeleData’s ability to deliver and monitor the service, or our network resources and do not represent (in the sole judgment of PenTeleData) an unusually large burden on the network itself. Users found to be (in PenTeleData’s sole judgment) in violation of this policy may have their accounts terminated, suspended, or upgraded to a higher level of service, subject to the appropriate fees. PenTeleData will use reasonable efforts to notify a customer prior to service termination for excessive bandwidth use.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------

I have a few qualms with this legalise:

1. Nowhere does it state above that the "excessive bandwidth" is capped at 50gigs download/25 gigs upload for the G-3 account (the account most end users have), for more money you can get "more" G-7 plan: 65gb/35up, and even more money gets you the G-10 plan: 80gb/45gb, but yet the only way you will get this information is by speaking directly with a PenTeleData representative.

2. Instead of hiding this information and only communicating this information verbally after one has exceeded the limit and then trying to sell customers a higher priced account or a much higher priced commercial account, they should be upfront with all customers BEFORE making the decision to purchase their service.

In this day and age, this cap is ridiculous and they are going to have more and more unhappy customers, I for one am moving away from my area just because they are the only provider in my area! Talk about a monopoly, the rural areas of Pennsylvania are getting the royal shaft with these guys, so I urge everyone to take to the streets and fight the power!

The relationship between the cable provider and PenTeleData is mindlessly confusing for customers, god forbid that you have a problem with your service, you will bounce back and forth with each entity placing blame on each other. And who loses in the end, you guessed it! The end user!

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