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Review by gjdunga See Profile

  • Location: Penrose,Fremont,CO
  • Cost: $150 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 14 days
Good "I've changed my Mind, Bresnan Sucks"
Bad "The Locals office staff is nice, the Corp ppl are loons"
Overall "If at all possible Don't go with them.."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

(This Review Was updated 03/18/2010 - Items in ( ) are updated information. )

Bresnan has their Local offices in Canon City. I live in Penrose, It's about 15 miles away. They service Penrose, Florence, Canon City and some other fringe area's.

Bresnan took over the cable from a fly by night cable provider who put lines up as quick and as dirty as they could, and at that time was only used for television services.

It's taken Bresnan about 5 years to clean up most of the mess, install fiber and work out the kinks.
( They are still trying to clean up thier own mess, lines and amps that are leaking and other provider issues that make it very difficult to recommend this provider anymore)

I (Previously) Subscribe(d) to the 15mb Dn and 1.0 mb up plan.. as well as BASIC cable. I was provided a Surfboard Modem. The price is somewhat expensive but there is little down
time, and for the most part is decent. There is upstream congestion, and based on unscientific tests, they are throttling bandwidth. (Their Ping Times and uploading were terrible)

The Install went well, but the Tech's are nosy, and they are backlogged. They have PDA's that print your receipts, and were friendly.. It does take an act of god however for help thru the telephone to their support staff who apparently are in Billings MT. Again the local staff is fair, decent, but a little nosy..

About their Connection:
They have fiber backbones to Wyoming and to Grand Junction.
(They Either Don't know how to configure their pipes or it's intentional that their exit points are congested, and throttled. I removed the Information about Qwest as it seems they are still leasing previously melted fiber from them. (The fiber was damaged a while back in the Ft. Carson Fire and it seems to have never been fixed correctly)

(Tracert Removed, Information No longer correct)

As Noted By some others, They do have an issue with Cable Modem Inventory Control. For some reason, even if you purchase a Cable Modem (As I did later) Third Party and insert into the network, they want to make it "Theirs".. Keep your Modem Receipt if you purchase it third party, or keep your Bresnan receipt that shows you purchased it thru them..

(Updated: 03/18/2010
Since then I've had nothing but problems with Bresnan. I no longer use them. They throttle users connections via congestion. They force their users to use their DNS that is filled with their advertisements, and censors your searches. I've tried their VOIP service, thier DVR service, Anything to be on a higher tier to get better service, as they refuse to provide commercial service where I live. NOTHING.. I've been told they are getting bought out, so hopefully in three or four years, the management will have changed enough to consider them again. )

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