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Review by revmichaeld See Profile

  • Location: Gwynn Oak,Baltimore,MD
  • Cost: $60 per month (24 month contract)
  • Telco party Verizon
Good "Can get service anywhere in Baltimore,"
Bad "it's not as fast as Comcast but it is plenty fast for what I need."
Overall "If you are looking for an easy install without technicians and want to use your computer anywhere than Clearwire is it"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I have only had the service for a few days but I can say the service has been awesome. I love the fact that I can get online without having to search for a hotspot or using my cellphone to surf that net when I am not home. The speed of the service is decent and I have not experienced any outages or service failures. The installation was easy for my home computers I just swapped out my cable modem and installed the new home wireless modem to the router and the new laptop that I purchased from Clear was already active when I turned on the computer for the first time.

So I will have to give this service A rating right now.

UPDATE 9/17/2011

I have had Clearwire for my home and laptop for about 2 years and I am still enjoying a decent service. Service has been very reliable regarding both speed and outages. I can only count 1 time when the service was about for about 5 minutes and about 1 other time when it was about for about 2 minutes.

The speed of the service is not as fast as cable or a high end DSL or FIOS line but for what I need I have been more than happy. I have not experienced heavy throttling on my service and I use about 20GB per month on average per computer.

I have never had to reposition the modem for any reason other than aesthetics and the modem still consistantly pulls 5 bars. I rarely see the signal drop to 4 bars and have yet to see it go to 3 or less bars.

Billing is consistent they bill me $60.29 per month and the price has never chanaged since I have received services.

I rarely contact customer support but when I have I have had 100% resolution of any issues or questions that I call about. I have never had a multi- day issue occur.

I would continue to recommend this service to anyone who needs a medium duty Highspeed easy to use home or mobile internet service. I have avoided the phone product in favor of Nettalk and the service so far has made the Nettalk product a top rated product in my home.

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Terrible Customer Servie from Clearwire

I just tried to sign up for clearwire internet service and have been thoroughly angered and dissatisfied with their customer service. First, the first agent I spoke with sold me an internet package that was totally incompatible with my computer and home set-up. He never asked me what kind of computer I use, and sent me hardware for a PC. I use Mac. I was told my account would be charged $25. I was charged $108. He never explained the cost or options regarding hardware. When I tried to change the service I was on the phone for over an hour sorting it out because the service agent was outsourced and we could barely understand each other. After finally deciding on the appropriate service, I was told that service was not available in my area. One would think they might figure that out before being on the phone for an hour. After canceling the account that day I have had to call back twice because I have yet to be sent return shipping labels or be refunded the money I was charged.