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Review by SoulFood See Profile

  • Location: Citrus Heights,Sacramento,CA
  • Cost: $55 per month
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "nothing"
Bad "customer service is annoying and unhelpful service is horrid!"
Overall "they are a total scam and do not care about their customers"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Do not waste your money on this horrible service.

I purchased this service once and returned it right away as I found I was on edge of service area and got a refund for it.

I moved almost a year later to a whole different place and I asked the sales man if I would get good service or not because of my previous experience with Clear. He assured me!! that I WOULD GET GREAT SERVICE ((lies*)) in this new place. I trusted him otherwise would not have purchased the service. I was told I was near two towers who's signals cover me great.

Wrong! The whole time I got super slow speeds and continually called customer service who each time checked everything with me and said they boosted the signal and see I am getting great speeds there. Well I wasn't.

Also I was told that trial period was 30 days I found out over a month later it is 15 days trial period.

I did everything I could to get a faster speed including put my modem outside. I even went so far as to call them and get my service charged 15 $ more to think I would get a better service or I did not! I was paying 55$ at that point for a .07mbs speed!!!!

I was fed up and called for 3 days in a row upon the third day I asked for my service to be discontinued and that I would return their modem and get my money back. I had been lied to continually by their customer service telling me my speed and service would improve and it had not.

on another note why I am angry at them: after not being able to return the modem for that 110$ back because they said I was out of the trial period I asked them to at least refund me the money I prepaid for service that I was now NOT GETTING because a manger decided to turn off my account. I basically should have been reimbursed for 20 days of their service I wasn’t getting because a manager canceled my account. Well they said no and decided to take that money for themselves.

A manager knew that shutting off my account would take that service and money from me.

They also tried to tell me that I used their service ... omg no way I used your service I paid to use a service and I had to use it twice as much because it took 4 times as long to do anything on the net with it.

Horrible waste of time and energy and money experience. Horrible customer service! Will tell you they understand and care and they really just don't give a crap about you. Also whatever number I was called from I can't call back cuz it's in another country. SCAM service.

They will tell you one thing to get you in but their service covers no one. They can se it on a map and will lie to you. you will always be on "edge of service area" in the end. Super annoying. Then they will try to make it all your fault. Rude. I have never had to deal with such a bad business ever.

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