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  • Location: San Jose,Santa Clara,CA
  • Cost: $35 per month (month by month)
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I signed up for the Clear Spot month to month plan. I called and cancelled my account, because in spite of the coverage map, my signal was weak and speed was bad. They did not cancel and kept billing me. When I called them to point it out and ask for a refund, they tried everything to not give me the refund. Then after saying they would give me a refund it turns out it was a partial refund. They wanted me to pay for half of their mistake and the offers got worse from there. They are NOT out to help the customer. I think they must be desperate for money. Given my experience you can count on NO help from Clear customer support. And I really question their coverage map.

Please give them a miss.

I like my Virgin MiFi very much. It works much much better than the Clear Spot!!

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lodged 2.4 years ago