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Review by Napsterbater See Profile

  • Location: Milledgeville,Baldwin,GA
  • Cost: $55 per month
  • Install: about 5 days
  • Telco party AllTel
Good "Full 12 Mbits/sec From 12meg package (Overtrain), but only during non peak times."
Bad "Peek time Congestion 2.5 - 3 Mbps during. No static IP unless With Business. Peek time congestion."
Overall "This is the only broadband I have available to me and wish I had another option."
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·Xcelerate Broadb..
Update 01-29-13: Well now I have no internet thanks to a change happy tech who changed a setting in the DSLAM that now prevents my modem from authenticating via PPPoA, all I asked in the direct forum was for an update to with the peak time slow speeds would be fixed, instead a tech is dispatched for no reason and another tech makes an unneeded change on the DSLAM that kills my connection, and of course it happened when I'm out of town for 2 weeks so I can't reconfigure my modem and my parents or with out internet.

Just stay away from this 3 ring circus.

Update 01-03-13: Still having peek time congestion (5pm - 12am (or later) 12 Mbps line getting 2.5 to 3Mbps during these times, Multiple downloads from multiple locations at the same time yields to total of 2.5 to 3 Mbps so its not the source, tech support cant help (These forums or Phone) its just out of their hands.

If you have any other choice take it.

Update 06-28-12: Well having peek time congestion issue again, supposedly my DSLAM is fine and they were looking at other equipment but they have now gone silent and I'm still left with a 3Meg line at peek times.

Update 04-07-12: Getting 13.21Mbps Down and .60 Mbps Up on m "12meg" Line » ··· 2031.png no problems.

Update 02-11-11: » ··· 6779.png

Update 01-16-11: Still getting full speed with no issues at all.

Update 07-11-09: Just adding this speedtest,
» ··· 5401.png

Current setup is a D-Link DSL-2540B (synced at 14973/766, 20012/800max, SNR 14.9/13.5, Attn 22.5/8.8, Interleaved depth 1/1 Delay 0/0msec) Running PPPoA giving the public IP (via DHCP, "PPP IP extension") to a WRTSL54GS running Tomato 1.25 with QOS off for the speed test, Test was run a Windows 7 x64 Build 7100 with Wired 10/100.

Update 05-23-09: Really nothing to report service is still great. We did have a storm roll though one night and a tree took out phone lines and power for probably about 40 houses, but Windstream had a repair crew out the next day at about 8am working straight till about 8pm working on restringing and splicing cables and service is still great.

Update 08-09-08: We have 12meg ADSL2+ Greenstreak service ($50 a mounth) )now provisioned at 14973kbps Down and 766kbps up and have very very very stable service low pings 20ms - 40ms to the east coast and 80ms - 100ms to the west, with a limited use phone line (Greenstreak) free inbound calling 10c/min outbound to local and long distance with free 800 number outbound. We are currently useing VOIP as our primary phone but thanks to greenstreak I have the Linksys SPA3102 connected to the windstream phoneline providing lifeline service to 911 even when the power is out.

Update 10-31-07: We have 6Meg for about 9 months now and it's Trained at 7.2Meg so i get the 6Megs, good ping about 40-50ms to the east cost west coast is about 100ms minimum.Just wish i could get more upload stuck at 386Kbit.

08-??-05 We ordered 3/386 and been getting it every speed test i do.

Other then that Tech support in Very friendly not the most knowledgeable but they do their best.

And the People before us already had DSL so when we received the Modem (which was before we were even moved in) i plugged it up and it sycnd the first time.

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I have been with wind stream for a few years now and have nothing but problems. I never have service when I need it and just found out that all the people in my community are sharing the same Internet line do to not having the updated equipment need to provide my home with the service I pay for. They advertise High Speed but I seem to have dial up. I have been calling in every month for the past 8-10 months and they just keep giving a $10 discount. For those that wish to stay with windstream, ask them about the $29.99 monthly Internet service. I only wish I had other companies to chose from in my area. It is a shame that they are the only providers in my area. Thanks for all the bad service and daily headaches when I need to get something done.

Twinsburg, OH


Just wanted to point out that residential DSL customers can have a Static IP if they want to order it. Typically it is a few extra dollars a month. Just so you are aware PPPoA is not available on a Ethernet connection. I am sorry about the confusion.

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Milledgeville, GA
·Xcelerate Broadb..


About PPPoA, that entry was from January when i was still on an ATM backhaul and a tech broke it. But yes now i'm on Ethernet backhaul and its gone for good, although you guys should switch to DHCP and get rid of PPP altogether and be done with it.

As for the Static IP, that was from the days of before when it was only offered to business customers, never looked into it and don't care anymore.

I'm still counting the days until this cable company turns on the network they just deployed to this area so i can dump you guys even though you have finally fixed your issues, its to late and i'm fed up with you guys now and your not gonna change my mind.
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Aweful Customer Service

My business has been without phone service for several days. My first call into service, the tech was not able to resolve the issue. So he said he was sending it to another department and they would call me. After several hours I called back. Once again, the tech was not able to resolve the issue and said the next shift would call. Well, no call again and I called with no resolution. This time a tech was going to be sent out. Nearly 3 days later, no tech.