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Review by coldmoon See Profile

  • Location: Broadway,Lee,NC
  • Cost: $90 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 10 days
Good "Tech support personnel are honest and do the best they can"
Bad "Reliably slow, grossly overpriced, heavily over-subscribed "
Overall "Total lack of competitive pressures leads to high prices with poor service"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Completely overpriced for the service they deliver. Network is over-subscribed to such a degree that watching simple YouTube videos comes with extreme buffering, making the service useless for anything other than checking e-mail and working on on-line forums that have no video content.and this is on a 3M account (highest they provide in my area).

If this is broadband, you might be better off using carrier pigeon...

If this provider is the only one available in an area you are thinking of moving to, look for your new home elsewhere; you will be thankful you did!

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Class action suit

Ok, so when is someone going to take up our cause? They sold me a bill of goods they can't deliver. They have a bad rep for selling in areas they don't have equipment to service properly. I can't even sit down with my iPad and do a Google search without having to wait, like in land line days. Forget Xbox or YouTube. Before you buy a house, make sure you have choices. Verizon, where are you when I need you? And where is our knight in shining armour lawyer. This is one that can be won!

Hilliard, FL

Re: Class action suit

We can't file a class action lawsuit because of the terms of service we all signed. We can, on the other hand, contact the FCC and our local news outlets.


Poor Service

The problem with Windstream is that when they purchased the smaller telcos, they bought them (knowingly or not) with the infrastructure in poor or horrible shape. It costs quite a bit to replace long stretches of cable, or in some cases, they have inadequate circuits feeding their DSLAMS. When the DSLAMS are at their capacity, they can't (or won't) upgrade the circuits feeding the DSLAMS because that's also expensive. So they keep selling DSL in those areas until the DSLAM gets full. By that time, everyone on that DSLAM notices extremely slow speeds. Couple that with bad cable in the area, and the problem becomes worse. Windstream knows this, and they keep selling DSL in those areas, and they should know better. Windstream simply cannot afford to make even moderate repairs in those areas as Windstream's balance sheet is horrible. They are concentrated on paying down their massive debt, which is nearly crushing the company because they don't have the cash to make any capex.

However, getting the media involved really won't do any good, since all Windstream does is pay lip service to the media. Unless the media aggressively follows up on the problem in a particular area, Windstream simply waits until the attention dies down, and its back to business as usual. Depending on your location, contacting your state's Attorney General may prove fruitless too. Windstream usually contributes to most state AG's, so nothing gets done, as that state's AG may turn a blind eye to their practices.

If you think Windstream might be advertising their service and constantly fails to provide them, even moderately, may I suggest a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). They deal in false & deceptive advertising and can move against Windstream more aggressively. They have the power to make them either deliver proper services, or stop advertising services they can't deliver. The FTC can also file suit against Windstream (on behalf of customers) for failure to follow FTC orders. Since DSL is a de-regulated product, complaining to your state Public Service Commission, or like equivalent won't do any good. Complaining to the FCC probably won't do any good either, unless it involves problems with your telephone service. Even if Windstream tells the FTC "yeah, yeah, yeah, we'll work with our customers and deliver what we promise", except the FTC will aggressively follow up to make sure that they do and won't stop until they do one or the other. The FTC has more power that most federal agencies, except the EPA or IRS, possesses.

So, if you complain to the FTC, make sure you have a copy of what they're advertising, and proof of the service that you currently receive. If the FTC gets enough complaints, they will look into the matter.


windstream (shitstream) sucks!

If only, if only there was some computation; I would leave these folk so fast. . . I've endured the monopoly for 9long years, and it's never been anything but sucky. If I had to rate it with numbers, I would have to use large exponents! Fuck windstream!