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Six Month Rating

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Review by borisbadenov See Profile

  • Location: Barbourville,Knox,KY
  • Cost: $29 per month (12 month contract)
  • Telco party WCV Telecom
Good "When its working properly it is fast as advertiesed"
Bad "When not working properly it is slower than dialup"
Overall "I have problems with my DSL/Phone every couple of months never seems to stay fixed"
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Tech support not have talked to 4 different reps so far none seem to be techincal enough to solve my issue also they do not fill out trouble ticket correctly that or repairmen are dishonest when they say they were at residence at a certain time and actually never showed up.

Windstream still sucks even more so now than before. Customer service is even worse and unless you sing Windstream's praises they will ban you from their facebook page

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worst ever company

This is the worst shi**** service.Please please please dont go for this if you have a choice...........these knuckle heads contract with stuppid apt property managers and get their business. In an open market this type of companies won't last a day. People running this company should be ashamed of their abilitys and degrees...