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Review by AZinOH See Profile

  • Location: Swanton,Fulton,OH
  • Cost: $68 per month
  • Install: about 9 days
Good "Service is 14975/763. Speed averages 10500/640."
Bad "Quality of service varies by area."
Overall "Best price/service for my need. Phone included."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings well above consensus)

This is my first use of broadband after 13+ years of dial-up. Service installed 4/2007. Max service available is 8000/484.Average SNR 31.0, Atten 18.5. Initial problems with signal loss were eventually discovered to be due to inside phone jack not optimally wired for DSL use. Since that time, only one service interruption of 4 hours due to service outage in my area. Have received prompt, attentive service when needed. Chose DSL over cable (Time Warner) due to lower price. Also, WS broadband is new to this area and figured most of the high-bandwidth users presumably chose cable. In addition, cable TV service has been less than stellar. Had tech install whole-house filter at NID, highly recommended.

I judge my overall quality of service to be good and above average compared to WS customers in other areas. The following is simply information I have gleaned from reading other reviews. WS

broadband seems to vary widely in quality and sometimes they are slow to replace outdated equipment, especially in areas where it would impact profitability or where there is no significant broadband competition. Overall grade: A- (there’s always room for improvement).

update 8/25/2007

There have been a few bumps in the road, but nothing serious. Connection quality continues to be good. Continue to average 85.3% of provisioned speeds. I have been making use of the web mail instead of using an email client. Seems to be working well. Their list of supported email programs seems to be outdated:

* Microsoft Exchange

* Outlook Express (Win98 and above/NT)

* Outlook Express (Mac)

* Outlook 97

* Outlook 98

* Outlook 2000

* Netscape 4.5 Mail

* Netscape 7 Mail

so using something not on that list is up to the user to figure out. Their web page definitely needs the assistance of a more knowledgeable webmaster. For example, the links to videos won't work for me unless I locate and install the correct codecs. Sorry-not going to happen. Still like the service and would recommend. Wish the bang for the buck was better.

Update 4/18/2008

Renewed 1500/384 service for one more year @ $30/month. Wouldn't mind having more speed, but don't really need it and additional $5 for 3meg or $10 for 6meg is prohibitive at this time. Service has been very reliable once the bugs were worked out. Still would recommend. Now have additional Speedstream 4200 just in case (new, eBay-$30+ shipping). Wanted a back-up because I telecommute.

Update 7/11/2009

Service is now 3579/380 ADSL2. Accomplished no charge upgrade from 1.5 to 3mbps service April 2009 (1.5 service no longer offered to new customers in this area). Service and speed has been very stable with SNR/ATTN averaging 28.0/13.0 The only difficulty I have had is trying to get the SS 4200 modem to cooperate with a wireless router. It is entirely possible that the problem is due to my own error in the setup. I expect later on to upgrade to the 2Wire modem (which includes wireless) and have a WS tech set it up. Hopefully then I will be good to go.

Update 4/3/2011

It was necessary to replace the 4 year old Speedstream 4200 two weeks ago. Since this was the only modem I've ever used, I didn't realize that its operation wasn't normal-it was always warm to the touch. When the failure occurred, it took about 30 minutes of going through the motions with Tech Support before they decided to roll a truck. The WS tech arrived the next morning (sooner than anticipated) and swapped it out for a new Speedstream 4300. Since then, my service has been more stable and reliable than it ever was before.It would seem that almost all of the hiccups I've had over this time (there weren't that many) were probably due to the modem having fits.

I can generally achieve 90% or more of my 6MB speed. I'm currently bundling internet and unlimited phone for the fixed lifetime price of $65/month + tax. I might save money by bundling TV-Internet-phone with either WS or Time Warner, but to do either I'd have to make a choice I don't want. I'd have to get a Dish through WS to watch tv (I just don't want a Dish). With Time Warner, I'd have to accept digital TV service and digital phone and I'd be at the mercy of their price hikes. Besides, I really don't care for all the extra channels I'd have to pay for that I'd never watch and I REALLY don't want digital phone. I prefer to keep my POTS phone as it is.

Update 3/25/2012

My 6 MB service continues to work well. I did have some minor difficulties a few months ago (maybe due to my own error), and the end result is that I am now using the Sagemcom 1704 modem/router. As a modem it seems to be fine, but as a router it does not work as well for me as what I was using before (a Netgear WNR2000v3). I've had to experiment with moving and also elevating both the Sagem and the system unit of my wireless desktop computer from their previous locations before I could connect wirelessly. There are as many as 12 other wireless networks operating in my area and I think that interference from them bothers the Sagem more than the Netgear. I've had to make channel changes as a result. I think my speedtests both wired and wireless are still good, but not quite as good as I was getting with the Speedstream 4300& Netgear.

I've been told that the Sagem is the preferred choice of Windstream for technical reasons in order to make their network more uniform, but I wonder why they chose a unit capable of only G speeds while their customers will be wanting to use N devices in the future. If WS chooses not to offer a N router, they may lose some business.

Update 9/22/2012

Upgraded 6 MB service to 12 MB for add'l $3/month (lifetime price with unlimited phone). New speed active less than 3 hours after placing the order. I previously turned down phone solicitations from WS offering same for $7, then $5. Noted drop in SNR from 20-22 to 15...still good but will keep an eye on it. The Sagem 1704 modem/router seems to be adequate. However, I find that I need to monitor which channels are in use by the other 12 wireless networks around me. Sometimes the interference from other networks is sufficient to cause connection problems and I have to search for a channel with ACCEPTABLE rather than SEVERE interference.

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