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Review by mattnews22 See Profile

  • Location: Fairfield,Freestone,TX
  • Cost: $55 per month
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Rock solid after initial problems. Posting faster speeds than subscription. Ever improving."
Bad "Horrible inter-departmental communication...still. Their tech is solid, but the people seem to gum up the works."
Overall "They have issues, but have done alot to improve. Very reliable once you get everyone on the same page."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
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UPDATE: 8/2012 -- Speedstream 4200 finally died. Replaced with new Sagemcom 1704 and connection has been rock solid. Speeds are give and take, but I know they are in desperate need of upgrading local hardware and are supposed to be doing that before too long. They are having issues getting the newly available 12Mbps out with their OLD hardware. Went through a few headaches over speed upgrade process, but got everything worked out.

I think I avoid alot of headaches with Windstream as I have dealt with them so much and overall DSL problems. I usually end up knowing more that the techs they send out about the situation. I have had to baby step multiple techs through a few situations. I don't just walk away and assume its gonna get done right. And some have even had to use MY laptop to configure modems for our businesses. I also have informed multiple techs that there is a firmware update for the 1704 that makes bridging & staticIP easier (which gets uploaded when they call in to configure the modem). I mean is there no briefing or training? Do they just get any schmuck that can twist a wire in theses jobs. I have dealt with a few that obviously knew more than I and I bled them of every detail concerning the technology and the status of the local issues.

**UPDATE: 2011 I am now posting regular speeds of 6.5Mbps and peaks of 8Mbps with my custom made Smoothwall router.

Subscription: Greenstreak 6 Mbps/ 768 Kbps

The Windstream of today is head and shoulders above the Windstream I dealt with just 2 years ago. They still have a big problem passing information from one department to the next, but it has improved. The service is solid and even beyond my subscription at times. I'd say it is up 99.9 percent of the time (we have it at work and same there). Sure there is an outage from time to time and those couple hours can seem like an eternity, but things happen and they have to maintain equipment.

If you can get through the initial stress of getting connected and stable, it should be peaches and cream from there. I would say get a techie person to help, but odds are you are already pretty savvy if you are on this site. I have helped countless family and friends over the hump with Windstream and have only had to pay return visits when they switched everyone over to PPPOE and passwords had to be re-entered.

I do have the choice of cable in my area, but I am so familiar with DSL and navigating Windstream support and the cable speeds are no faster around here.

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Hazard, KY


Good luck getting everyone on the same page.


Fairfield, TX

Re: No!

I've learned in dealing a lot of tech support situations, you need to take charge. Especially if you know exactly what you need done. For good or for ill, reps follow a script, but that script usually either doesn't solve my problem or takes 2 hours to solve it when I can just say 'Hey, could you just do X and see if that clears it up?'. Most of the time they are delighted to break the monotony and sometimes learn a thing or two. Like with the 1704 firmware update that only tier 2 seemed to know about. I troubleshoot for a living and hobby and have usually narrowed down my issues to a very short list long before I bother picking up a phone, so my support experience is vastly different than your average joe.
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Hazard, KY

Re: No!

I've just been waiting for a latency issue repair in my area.

Been waiting around 10 months now.