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Review by foxsnipr See Profile

  • Location: Waco,York,NE
  • Cost: $75 per month
  • Install: about 30 days
Good "Lost all hope"
Bad "Lots of talk and empty promises, connections drop, usually provide 1/2 speed promised"
Overall "If there was another provider I would have switched a long time ago"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
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I've had service for several years now, everytime they upgrade they promise more DL speed, never UL speed. I signed up for 6mb DL and still am waiting and using 1.5mb. They keep promising but they still haven't made good on anything. They provide a router a Speedstream 4200, no one installs it, they mail it to you with instructions (thankfully I know how to plug it in). Tech support is sketchy, best to call late nights and get someone who knows what is going on, but is not able to do anything about it. day time all you get is promises and the usual 'it's not their fault'. Tonight I was at dial up speeds and tech support wasn't able to do anything. Getting a tech to come out is impossible, I've requested one and they find some excuse around it. Maybe they don't have anyone that actually works in the field on their stuff.

DL & UL 12 hours later have gone from good back to worse, in between dial up and 1mb. It appears that at certain times of the day is when these problems arise. You don't suppose Windstream needs upgrades or something?

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10-28-2009 The forum Tech Support is awesome! They were able to get things up and running, no problems. Thanks guys!

11-2011 Back to SSDD...called and asked about 12mb package for $5 and was told that my area it would cost $15/month more! Getting 1/3 DL speeds at best most of the time. Tech Support not being too responsive or committal. If I had any other options would change in a heartbeat.

01-2013 Same thing 12 mb down is .70....if they can't keep up with cutomeers then offer them a refund

06-2013 Now being told July will be hope....will believe it when it happens.

04-2014 Month long equiptment problems...not another DSLAM going out I hope, the last one was 6 months of dialup speed and no offer to reimburse. Windstream gets federal subsidy, but gives questionable service.

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Windstream - poor choice

3-9-2013 same problems new chapter
have 12 mb and getting .06
Tier 2 Tech support on forums is no longer helpful, all they do is say the engineers are working on a solution then the upgrades are scheduled but not in near future.

Customer Service is DEPLORABLE, quality is DEPLORABLE. For the price of internet and phone of $90 ($72 for internet) you do not get anything close to what you pay for.


Same crap

I have been having a lot of issues lately as well. I have an Internet business, and I am also a City Councilman, we use WS for our Official Government office also and we deal with a lot of very important matters that have to be done online. I live about 2 blocks from our City Hall and both the City Hall and my personal house are on WS. I have not had internet at home for 3 weeks and I'm supposed to have the 12Mbs bundled with WS through Dish, we have a burst of about 0.7 Mbs every 13 or so hours that lasts about 2-20 minutes which may load facebook or gmail for a few minutes at a time but nothing close to what I am paying for.

At the City Hall we have very good internet right now but it gets disconnected once in a while. again, I only live about 2 blocks away so it's not in the lines. There was a two day period where we didn't have internet at the office last week.

We have called WS Customer Support three times this week and each time they tell us it's a service overload and that they are upgrading the lines to match the amount of customers they have. Finally two days ago they said they realized the reason I have no internet at home is because I was one of the 1200 unlucky people to be on a server that crashed and that yesterday morning around 6AM it would be fixed as they were putting in a new server. no change happened so that afternoon I called again and they said it would be midnight before we say a change, it's now 5:30 AM and the internet is letting me do Bing searches but I cannot even load youtube so this website is as much as I can load right now so I will be contacting them again at 9AM but I will be using the online Chat this time.