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Review by djacks01 See Profile

  • Location: Milledgeville,Baldwin,GA
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "At least it is available"
Bad "Inconsistent"
Overall "Waiting for Clear so I can compare"
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I have lived in this rural location for 15 years. Have had Alltel/Windstream for most of that time. The service has never been great but considering my options (none) I can't complain too much. Clear is available about two miles away. They say that the service will expand but so far I have been very unimpressed with their front end.

This morning I changed my Windstream account from 3Mbps to 6 and dropped the land line (Windstreak). It should be on by tomorrow and I will post results again. Paying for 3Mbps I have never moved data faster than 1800kbps. Will see what paying for 6 gets me.

Thanks much much for dslreports.

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