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Review by Bodybagger See Profile

  • Location: Saint Matthews,Calhoun,SC
  • Cost: $63 per month
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Bad "Everything"
Overall "St. Matthews, SC Service Horrid!"
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So our internet was working good for about 3 months after the DSLAM was fiber fed back in April I think? Ever since sometime around October our net has been back to the 300ms+ ping times every single night and barely 2.4Mb/down when we pay for 6. The service is completely unusable all weekend long. They are now stating that a switch that feeds my area is causing the bottleneck and their plans to repair it/replace it are for April of this year. Every single time we have called since Oct. they have had no ETR and no idea what was going on. Recently this month I got in touch with someone at tier 2 stating that the switch was bad and needed to be replaced. No ETR from him... After submitting another complaint to the BBB I finally got an ETR of April this year. Really strange that no one in Windstream could give me an ETR but all of a sudden after the BBB complaint they come up with one? These guys are crooks no matter how you look at it. Also, I was told by a local tech that all these guys do is take your money and buy up smaller telcos. They have no interest at all in repairing service for the people they have already... but rather take their monthly fees and buy up smaller companies.

I really hope Windstream burns to the ground very, very soon. I've... we've had enough of their constant BS that no one in this world should have to put up with from their ISP. If you can afford anything better and if there is competition in your area.. choose anyone other than Windstream. They are the worst ISP on the planet and they don't care at all about their customers or their network. I despise this company with a passion. And I am not alone when I say I hate them with every ounce of being. I hope they get sued and have to pay billions of dollars back to all of their customers that they have done wrong through all the years they have been in business. They do not even deserve to exist.


Service sucks. The worst ISP on Earth. Been given repair dates forever when none have been met. Last repair date we got now is the 31st of this year. 600ms+ ping every single night for over months. Connection randomly drops out completely. $10 credit on my account but they cannot provide any more than that? T1 tech support is like talking to a brick wall.. and when they do talk back, they are complete assholes and rush you off the phone. Called in yesterday and spoke to a t1 manager and he refused to help and refused to transfer us to someone else that would help because he didn't want to waste another person's time to hear our issues. I've had better service when I was on 56k.

Update 1-31-12

Service still goes out at random times. We have had better service over the past few months than we have had in a long time, but regardless where we live the issues are still present. There is no fix unless everything in this area is brought up to date as far as equipment and lines. We also have a shredded phone box that serves our road that has been this way since summer of last year. Cost keeps going up for the service and the quality/speeds stay down the drain. I still wouldn't recommend Windstream to anyone... ever. Maybe one day we will get some competition out here and put this company out of business. Or atleast make them fix their horrible service.

I would greatly recommend another DSL provider over this company. We've had so many problems from outages, random drops, latency issues, packet loss, and overall slow speeds. We live just in range to only be able to receive the 1.5Mbps package and alot of the time it isn't even that. So many phone calls to Windstream about speed issues and they want to sell us the 3Mbps package because it is "available" in our area and we "can" run it stable. Once they hook us up to the 3Mbps, drops are seen about every minute. Simply put, LIES!

Anyway, someone lives here that works from home and they have lost wages and time due to the internet service. Windstream cannot do anything about that... but they USE to until it was costing them too much money due to the amount of complaints they were receiving.

If Windstream doesn't have the monopoly in your area like they do here, I would greatly recommend choosing a different service. Windstream is applying for a good amount of money to "upgrade and improve" their equipment, but alot of rural areas will probably never see it. We have some of the worst and oldest equipment in our area and that is the reason we are having so many issues... and Windstream isn't going to spend the money to update old "junk" this far out from town. Words straight from a Windstream tech...

-An issue has been going on with this terrible company for at least 4 months. Since early December our internet service has been slower than dial-up usually at or around peak times (7est-11:30est). We've been lied to over and over on when the issue will be resolved. Nothing has been done to correct our problems no matter how many times we call and complain. We've contacted the BBB on them and still haven't received the service we pay for every month. We pay $45 a month for 1.5Mb speed because we cannot get anything faster. We have no other providers in our area. I've seen where other places pay $45 a month for 20Mb down 2Mb up. If we had another choice this company would never get another penny from us. I would recommend to anyone that has other options other than Windstream to really consider who they want to provide their internet services. And yes Windstream may be $5 cheaper in areas that have cable or AT&T, etc. but you are much, much better off than ever dealing with this terrible ISP. It would save you alot of hassle in the long run.-

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I feel the pain.

Seeing what you're going through remind me of when I had to re-establish my static IP recently. I went from 3mb to 12mb, but when they changed the speed, they got rid of my static IP and gave me a dynamic IP. Two weeks & several phone calls later, I finally got my static IP back. The last time I called, of course, I got someone in tier 1 support. Anyone who's dealt with Windstream's tier 1 support knows that its a crap shoot at the very best and your worse nightmare on average. When I got tier 1 support, I briefly explained my problem. The lady put me on hold, and when she returned, she started to explain that she couldn't do anything at which time I told her to bump me up to tier 2 support. Instead of getting an excuse, she actually transferred me to T2. When I got there, a guy asked me my problem, accessed my profile, saw the problem and corrected it in 5 minutes. Later on, I realized that 12mb speed wasn't really doing anything beneficial to me, so I went back down to 3mb and this time kept my static IP.

Its clear to me, and it should be to everyone else, that Windstream doesn't train their tier 1 support in anything, except to lie and use the term "latency outage" when they can't, or won't fix a particular problem in a particular area. The reason is a simple one. Windstream's debt load is so high, they really can't make extensive fixes to areas that were shoddy when they bought them from smaller companies. They're just milking what money is there until something gives.

I would give a better response than this, but I had a recent review removed because I told the truth about DSL Extreme and their service (or lack of a service), and someone whined and got it removed. But here's an idea you might try.

The Federal Trade Commission has oversight on what companies advertise. Whether it be television, radio, print, etc., all claims of service must be met. If Windstream advertises a service for a certain amount of speed and they consistently do not deliver, a complaint to the FTC might be in order. The FTC does have the power to either make them deliver on their claim, or stop advertising service they can't deliver. But this might backfire as it will be cheaper to stop advertising than to fix problems. Its a 50-50 shot.

Good luck in however you deal with Windstream