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Review by thutchings6 See Profile

  • Location: Whitney,Hill,TX
  • Cost: $45 per month
  • Install: about 2 days
  • Telco party @link
Good "Always on very little down time"
Bad "6mb is as fast as it gets.."
Overall "I will be switching to wireless/cable if they ever get higher speeds offered at my locale."
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I started with 1.5 MB download and .512 MB upload..I had my dsl bundled with a phone package..It served the purpose at the time..I upgraded to 3.0 MB download and .384 upload as they would not offer the .512 upload anymore..I also did away with phone service and went to their greenstreak which is just dsl no phone plan..I liked that I still kept the same home phone number and could still receive calls at no cost..I bought a magic jack for outgoing calls and it has worked out well for me..I noticed here within the last few months that my upload speed has increased to .670 upload..I assume they upgraded everyone in my area to .768 upload who has the 3MB download..The only reason I upgraded to 3MB download was that I got netflix service and started streaming movies on my xbox..With the 3 MB download I can stream movies in HD..Sometimes my connection will slow a little and the movie will not stream in HD but 3MB download service is as fast as Windstream offers in my area right now..I have speedstream 4200 router running into LInksys WRT160N ver.2 wireless router..I started with Linksys WRT 54G and then went to a Belkin Model F5D7230-4 wireless G but both seemed to freeze and need to be rebooted to often, especially the Belkin..My WRT 160N is MUCH more stable and dependable..

When I first got windstream DSL it was when they first offered it in my area..Great at first but after about a year and a half they had over sold the available band width and service was very slow at peak times of the day..IE: after school let out until about 10 PM at night..They finally ran fiber cable to my DSLAM and it made a world of difference..That is also when they started offering the 3MB download..

Over all I've been happy with Windstream since they got through the growing pains..

Not happy any more!! Started experiencing the same problem as before but this time MUCH worse..Got no help from calling customer support..I will not deal with this crap for another year and a half as last time because now I have a choice!!

Still waiting for WS to do something..Have wireless service available but will cost $350 or more to get it in my house as I will need a pole or tower to be able to receive the signal..That also would include a 2 year contract..

I would not be so upset with WS if they would just admit the problem they have created by over selling.. It started when they started offering 12Mb service..They should move all customers back to 3Mb or less AND NOT SELL NEW SERVICE until they can upgrade their equipment to provide the service they sell..That is the most irritating part of all is that they continue to sell service that they know they can NOT provide!!

What if other utility companies, water electric etc., ran their business this way? Oh we will have your lights back working full time maybe sometime next year if your lucky..But in the mean time keep paying your bill as you have no other choice of providers!

Well I was on the verge of spending over $300 to get Nextlink Wireless when WS got my connection back to normal.. I think it was helped along by techs on WS forum.. I now get 15ms pings and full 6mb down almost all day.. The speeds will fall some and pings rise some at peak but mostly when we have many connections here in the house running at the same time.. Would love to have more speed but can not justify spending the extra money to get more speed.. They offer 12mb here but I'm to far from the dslam to get it.. I noticed some cable guys working in the area and wonder if that might have pushed WS to do something.. There used to be cable close to my area years ago but they went out of business because of not enough customers but the cable is still there..

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Don't hold your breath...

Windstream has similar plans in our area. Problem is that download speeds for me aren't important, but upload is. Their upload speeds don't change from one plan to another, so I have the 3m service. 12m doesn't help me a damn it.

Another problem with Windstream is they like to pay lip service to its customers. They'll lie as long as they can get away with it, especially when someone has no choice for internet, other than Windstream. They really can't afford to "upgrade" areas, as their balance sheet is in the toilet, so if they've promised you "upgrades", take it with a grain of salt.

They used to have their trolls on here to "help customers", but I've yet to find one person they "helped". Since people are on to their lies, you don't see them on here anymore. So, my guess is that you're stuck with them until you can some meaningful competition.


Re: Don't hold your breath...

Windstream has been the same here in NE KY for 10 years but I have no real complaints. I am getting 8.2M down and 803K up on the last test this evening. Direct TV had some servers down and the chat tech admitted it. But back up now and just fine. And I am watching/playing on a Kindle Fire....


Windstream in NE KY

Outperforming what I pay for by a bit. I had 803K up about an hour ago, 8.2MB down is pretty constant. Can't get 12Meg svc as I am 7,221' from the LO...