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Review by Mercurybird See Profile

  • Location: Hooks,Bowie,TX
  • Cost: $66 per month
Good "Always on, with no interuptions. No outages. Very stable."
Bad "Sometimes slows down to 10, or 8mbps. But always resolves itself."
Overall "Great hassle free service."
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Connection reliability:
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This is the service they call Green streak. Basic service is the phone line @ $9.87 with fees. 3mbits is $40 and fees. They said $5.00 more would double my speed to 6mbits, then $5.00 more would double it again to 12mbits. So that brings it to $56.52. So it's $66.39 for the 12mbits. Plus the local service taxes, that brings it to $70.00 a month. If I had it dropped back to the original 3mbits, I would save $10.00 a month. The modem is a SpeedStream 4200. I don't use the phone option, so the DSL is a dedicated line. We have the option to go with a cable modem here, and I did that for a while. But I was limited to much slower speed, and crappy crappy cable programming.

While it does slow down a little bit once in a while, it always comes back quickly. I download games from Steam on a regular basis, and they have never hassled me about exceeding some max limit or something like that. Downloads are always trouble free and clean. They told me that if it was flaky at 12mbits where I was, that I would have to drop back. But that hasn't been an issue. We are very happy with what we have.

8/16/11: I started having horrible speed drops, in the evening. Then it got to where it was all the time. I called tech support a few times, and a guy came out and gave me a new Sagemcom 4300 modem, but no better. I called back and they gave the problem to an engineer to check the local something near my home. He called me and said it was taken care of- well it wasn't. Sometimes I was getting a good 56k modem speed. Then I decided to go with the email tech support option. I sent a long file with my results from speedtest.net. A guy got back with me in email and asked me to check my speeds w/o my router in the mix. Same results. He said that was all he needed. Right away, that day I think, the problem went away. And it has been gone to this day. My 12mbit is rock solid. I must say that I am proud of the way they finally got it all straightened out. Thanks Windstream!

5/16/2012: Service and speed continue to be exemplary. I would heartily recommend my ISP to anyone who lives close enough. The only thing I can think of that would make me change at this point, would be a free national broadband package- after they work the bugs out, of course. Oh wait a minute... it's the government. They don't eradicate bugs; they put the bugs in. But I digress. When I call Windstream, on the rare occasion that I have an issue, they never tell me it's my fault. They want me to go through some simple steps, But then they'll move on to their end of the equation. That's just the icing on the cake for me. Again; reliable, consistent, and uninterrupted.

12/6/2012: Service continues to be excellent. There was a while there that things got a little congested. Everything is straightened out and flying high. The internet got down to crap levels in North America, with much of the main routers offline. Texas has two major routers listed, and both of those were down as well. We were slower than South America and a couple of other zones for weeks. We're back up on top now at about 93%. That really took a toll on our performance. Make sure your phone box on the outside of your house is in tip top shape- along with your inside wiring. I get my information on the web from the Internet Traffic Report (ITR Client) from AnalogX.com. My service has been rock solid again with the net getting back up to speed in North America. We're very happy with all aspects of it.

9/30/13: Still could not be more pleased with my ISP. Service continues to be excellent. I have had no interruptions or outages, and no fleeting flakiness. Still getting 12Mb speeds.

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Windsteam cost

So your bill is $66.39 and with taxes it's about $70. And this is for phone and 12Mb. I have phone and 6Mb bill is $54.99 with taxes and surcharges it's over $70. Which is absolutely ridiculous.