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Review by mysticalos See Profile

  • Location: Collins,Tattnall,GA
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Tier 2 techs seem knowledgable and helpful."
Bad "Unfortunately,the good techs are bound by companies low standards. Incompetent Tier 1 techs who don't understand network basics."
Overall "Stay away from windstream if other options are available to you."
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What windstream didn't tell you is, any ping under 200ms is considered "within tolerance". A complaint about a hop that's 100ms (even though it should be no more than 10-15ms) will get ignored. I've been having issues for YEARS about first hop being unacceptable latency during peak. first hop should never be more than 15ms, it's down the street for heavens sake. but as long as it's under 200, they will hold no obligation to repair it, they will check margins check speeds, if you can download a file close to expected speed, and you aren't dropping sync, they could give two damns about latency. good latency is something windstream does not deliver to customers, period. Gaming or intensive voice/video apps are things windstream does not take seriously at all. Unfortunately both are my primary reason for having internet. last night my first hop pings were 70ms. that's my ping to texas on off peak, but during peak i had a 70ms ping to Home office. that is ridiculous. I'm told they are not conjested lines and local hub is well under bandwidth limitation. but i still don't understand the latency issues with their network. Something is clearly wrong with thier equipment for latency to go up when it's not peaking in operation.

I also lately been having a problem with a later hop (an aggregator) that on top of first hop latency, has been making latency go off the charts (2000ms+). this i have gotten windstream to look at (being above 200ms and all). they have made progress with it but it's not perfect. but once they resolve that. they will close ticket and be content with me still gaming with a 200ms ping during peak and 60-70ms off peak. I have to set my Mumble to lowest possible settings designed for poor latency connections so i don't sound robotic as it's designd to be low latency voice communication. Its such a shame that as an ISP, windstream has such low standards.

This is service i expect from first hop.

30 packets transmitted, 30 packets received, 0.0% packet loss

round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 11.282/12.309/14.460/0.612 ms

This is what i get half the time. (but within tolerance of their standards so concidered acceptable level of service)

30 packets transmitted, 27 packets received, 10.0% packet loss

round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 32.037/47.763/64.000/8.782 ms

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