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Review by jin See Profile

  • Location: Viper,Perry,KY
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Can't think of anything good."
Bad "Horrible service and horrible connection speeds"
Overall "Don't deal with windstream"
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My internet has been messed up for around 4 or 5 months now.
Each time I get an estimated fix time, the time always gets pushed back another month.

My connection runs very slow at all times, sometimes even at .20 kb

We have been a customer for a long time now, and we really have no other choice but windstream where we live.


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Still waiting and there's no estimated time of repair.
Don't go with windstream.
My problems started Dec.2011 the latest repair time i was given is june 2013.
My connection runs slow all day, it runs fine around 4am-10am but that's useless.

still waiting on the repair...
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Still waiting on this repair.
Same awful speeds, same bs.

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I have worked for Mediacom for a little over a year now. i can tell you that everyone on here could benefit from switching services. First off if you are locked into a contract, Mediacom will buy it out. (in most cases) Mediacom starts you off at 5meg system right from the start. If that's not fast enough we go all the way to 115meg! I have realized we are saving our customers between $50-$100 each month. Our intro price is $89.98 for phone, internet, and cable. So it's a very good deal. Also we have a promotion going on until December where we give you 6 months of free service with a 3 yr contract. If you want to switch or even look into it you can call (872) 222-5314 Ask for Desiree.