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  • Location: undisclosed location
  • Cost: $56 per month (12 month contract)
Bad "1. poor customer support 2. lose data connection every week 3. techs never show up"
Overall "This company better step up to meet their competition, or many others will change service providers."
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I have had many problem with Windstream... 1. i have to reset my modem every week due to loss of data connection, i called windstream to ask them if the modem is old or shot, they tell me the modem (Motorola MIPX500) i have is the most current one, but i call back and talk to another operater and he tells me my modem is old and there is a much more current modem. 2. When they schedule a tech to come to my house between 9am and 12pm, they don't show up, i have been waiting on them for 2 days now... no call if they arent coming etc. so i have to call windstream again to set up another appt. 3. I pay for 12mbps of download speed, half the time i only get 6mbps... I have called them and they do nothing for me when it comes to that. Bottom line, Windstream is a horrible service provider, bad customer support, and if you pay attention to your internet speed, you don't get what you pay for. As of now I am considering dropping Windstream and moving into HughesNet through Directv. I already have Directv (5yrs) and their customer support is great, and I do get what I pay for.

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lodged 3.1 years ago