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Review by AvengedSe7en See Profile

  • Location: Claridge,Westmoreland,PA
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "They supply internet."
Bad "Horrendous Customer Support/Product in General."
Overall "Go with someone else."
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Well it started going down hill when I purchased a PS3. Out of nowhere, the 2-Wire would restart itself every now and then until it eventually stopped working all together and would reset every time it tried to work. We contacted Windstream and they said we needed a new router. We said OK and sent us one, when all of a sudden we started getting billed over $100 for that router which we were never told about. Guess what, this router started resetting itself every now and then when the PS3 is being used. I started talking to a specialist on this forum about it where he would suggest a few things like turning off the PS3's Media Server and making sure the router is plugged into the wall instead of a power strip. He said he would look into it and that was on February 2nd...Haven't heard from them since. Suddenly the router stopped resetting itself and all was good until sometime at the end of February. It started resetting while the PS3 and a laptop where both in use at the same time, Now, the router just resets when it feels like it. We called Windstream yesterday and they informed us that they haven't authenticated our router yet and it should fix it once they did...it didn't. They also let us know that we might need another router (again) and if we did get one, it would cost $100 (again). I tried to PM the same specialist on this site as last time but of course I got someone else who has no idea what I am going through.

Don't deal with it.

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