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Review by Volusia7 See Profile

  • Location: Vilonia,Faulkner,AR
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "there is nothing good"
Bad "speed, support, reliability, integrity"
Overall "I have no other choice in my area."
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I have been battling Windstream for 2 years to get the DSL fixed in our area. I have documented download speeds for months and every day at 2:30pm - midnight our DSL is unusable. I am paying for the highest tier (3Mb/s) which in itself is a joke compared to speeds offered across the rest of the US. Windstream support is a joke! They do not care about their customers or they would have fixed this issue before now. I have documentation that they have been aware that they have oversold bandwidth for over a year, yet still no resolution. I have tied to go to management, advanced support, support management, even to the Windstream headquarters web page, and everyone just tells me to keep complaining because "the squeaky wheel gets the grease". I guess the next step is to go to Little Rock and visit them in person. I thought bait and switch was against the law. Someone please start a class action law suit!

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