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Review by xSTALKERx See Profile

  • Location: Flinton,Cambria,PA
  • Cost: $69 per month
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "The installed it fast, the tech was nice. When it works it works at advertised speeds. No bandwidth caps"
Bad "It rarely works properly. Peak time speeds are abysmal."
Overall "Avoid like the plague if you have other options"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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---- 8/15/12 Update: ----

The planned fix to solve all the problems that is suppose to be done by the end of August is now going to be done "hopefully in the next two months".

You are f**king pathetic Windstream.

---- 7/16/12 Update: ----

Still waiting on a fix. Can't switch to another provider no matter how much I want to because I'm in a rural area and it's either Windstream or Dial-up. The second another provider ever enters this area I am ditching Windstream, I don't care how much it costs to get rid of them.

---- 5/14/12 Update: ----

After waiting 8 weeks (this time, total waiting time is in the years) for new equipment to be installed, then being told "It'll take a few weeks to test it and get customers on it" it still hasn't fixed the problem. If only I had another option, but I don't. It's Windstream or bust.

---- Original Review ----

Windstream is the only option for Internet access in my area, aside from Dial-Up services or Satellite based services. Unfortunately the fact they have a monopoly on the area means the customer has to deal with it and can't go anywhere else. Windstream can afford to ignore the area in terms of upgrades or fixes because they know we have no other options.

Take 5 minutes to browse the Windstream forums here and you'll see a pattern. Slow speeds, useless tech support (I don't blame their agents, they just can't actually do anything) and broken promises.

I pay for 12 Mb services (a miracle in my rural area in of itself) and if I browse early morning for after midnight I get those speeds and it works, during those times I'd rate them 4/5 stars because it does work.

The rest of the day however, it get anywhere from 0.5 Mb to 3 Mb services and pings can jump to 500ms and above. Considering the times it's slow seem to outweigh the times it's fast, the rating goes low.

Besides, peak times is when I use the Internet and that's when I need it to be at the advertised speeds.

In terms of getting a fix? It's always, 4 weeks away. Or 8 weeks away. Then it gets delayed for whatever reason, then when they finally do finish it it rarely fixes the problem.

TL:DR Version: Don't get Windstream for Internet if you have any other options

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