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Six Month Rating

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  • Location: Sanford,Lee,NC
  • Cost Contract price not specified. (24 month contract)
Good "The Tech Support people are very nice. Ditto the home Tech."
Bad "Connect speed is terrible. Dropped lines happen all day long. No help in sight."
Overall "Currently looking for another ISP in my area."
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Been talking to Windstream tech support since December 2011. Have had
line drops, slow downs etc etc for months.
They're reset the modem. They tell me they've tweaked all sorts of
things behind the scenes to make my problem better. Occasionally - if
there is some other unrelated issue in my area - they have blamed that
for my problem. But the other issue is resolved and my drops and
slow-downs are still here. All day. Every day. The techs are nice and I
feel like they would like to tell me, "sorry, the equipment in that area
has been completely oversold. Our bosses refuse to buy better equipment
to keep pace with all the new accounts they've added".
After calling every other day for weeks they have found a way to keep me
from calling for a month.
Allegedly there is a new equipment upgrade going in on April 24th.
Today's date is 3/25/2012.
The Ticket number is 108466679.
I have been told that THIS will finally fix my problem, but I've been
told that before.
Not hopeful.
Not optimistic.
Currently searching for another ISP just in case the "upgrade" fails to
resolve my issue.

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