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  • Location: Monroe,Walton,GA
  • Cost: $30 per month (12 month contract)
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Bad "The sale pitch since it got me to sign up. Connection, Connection, Connection!"
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I have been with Windstream since December 1, 2011. This is the worst

company for customer service and Internet provider I have had. I had drop

off's 10-15 times a day from the beginnin. Each time I called they want me to reset the modem.It took weeks for them to come out. When they did they said it was the modem

so they replaced it with the exact same type. Tech tested everything said

all is good. With in a hour the same problems.

Called Tech support they said no nothing could be wrong. Two more weeks go by I call 15 times and reset then reset again and again. Finally they put in a ticket for another tech to come out. The guy shows up rings door bell by the time I get to

the door he is in his truck leaving. I call they said I will have to reschedule. I said it's been 3 minutes since he was here he is probably up at the red light. Nope I have to reschedule.

I was so mad at that point I looked up The corporate office. I call corporate office they were very nice and could see all the drops and calls I had made to the Tech Department. They put in a call and have another Tech come out he replaces the modem I have with the exact same one said it is probably a faulty modem.

On hour goes by and the same trouble. I call tech support again. I go through all the reset 4 to 5 times. Another support call is put in. Another tech comes out puts in the old type modem and says the new modems are having some kinks in them.

Geuss what I get on the computer and the same issue. I just bypass the tech department at this point and call corporate again. They send out specialist. He calls said he found the problem on their end and he needs to update something on the system. What ever he does it works but then every time I try to download a movie on Dish Demand that hooks up wireless to Windstream modem it drops off. I call dish they send a new wireless adapter saying that the other may be faulty. It continues I am beyond frustrated by all the drops I go by a DSL hard line to hook it up to the Windstream modem. Still drops off!

So I call Dish then Dish says they have been having these issues with

Windstream for months. That there modem set up and connections with Dish DVR

is not compatible. So I get Windstream Tech and Dish Tech on my phones via

speakerphone to work this out. Windstream Tech is clueless on what is going

on but suggest they open up certain channels. So they do that. Tell me to

call if that doesn't work.

Well it doesn't but my free trial is ending soon, so I just cancel it and I am done with that problem.

But now my Internet speed is cut in half 90% the time. I try to work from my computer and it takes 10 seconds to download pages. I called the Tech department about this

and they said they will call me back they are busy right now. NO CALL BACK.

Today it was so slow I called the corporate office since I didn't get a call back from Tech Support. She just switchs me to the Tech line who tells me to reset my modem. OMG! I am not going down that road but the tech says they have to do this to see if it corrects it. I say yes for about 5 minutes. She then says to call her back then. I said I am calling back after 5 resets. I HAVE RESET MY MODEM so many times and there Internet is like a snail still. They have the worse customer

service and tech department and now I complained I am given no customer service. Oh, I do the Windstream Speed test and it's lower than half the amount I pay for.

UNBELIEVABLE! Don't sign up unless you have a 90 day window to cancel!

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lodged 2.7 years ago