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Review by TX USMC ret See Profile

  • Location: Cleburne,Johnson,TX
  • Cost: $39 per month
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I have had several "latency" issues since joining just over 3 years ago. Unfortunately, it is the only choice around here, so it is take it or leave it. And they know it. Signed up for 3MB service. Worked ok for a little while, then started getting slower speeds. After MANY calls, issue was resolved for a few months, then it started again. Got the typical canned EXCUSE (they figure an excuse is much better than fixing the issue), that there is a latency in the area and THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHEN IT WILL BE FIXED. I wonder if they have ever really listened to that excuse. That is like saying "we are completely incompetent". What would they think of a company that fed them that same line, "we have no idea when it will be fixed". Well here recently they downgraded me to 1.5 MB, WITHOUT NOTIFYING ME IN ADVANCE". I called them today, and the customer disservice excuse was, you are not in a 3MB area, so we cannot give it to you. I informed them I had (unbelievably) received close to 3MB for several months prior to this last "latency", so asked why I cannot receive it now. Their response was basically, "DUHH, we don't know". (To use an old cliche, I wish I had a nickel for every time they said "we don't know"). Basically, if you have a choice, avoid this company like the plague (scratch that, the plague is preferable). They are the only choice in my area, and being so they know they can drag their feet and we cannot do anything about it. My next contact will be with the FCC to lodge a complaint with them. If you are thinking about Windstream, just be advised that for them DSL stands for Disappointingly Slow Latency.

Update 02/04/2013 - Filed complaint with FCC. Probably will not do any good, but makes me feel better

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Macon, GA

follow up

Will you let us know if the FCC says anything? Tell the FCC to look on this site to get an idea of how windstream is ripping us off.



Contact the FCC this will at least add to the count, and Windstream will have to explain why they are having problems. You should get a copy of their response to the FCC and if they state the issue is resolved, you can provid response to the contrary. If you are really having issues don't wait...do it.



Windstream constant service issues

Windstream is heavily oversubscribed in my area. I get 80% of promised speed in the middle of the day but it reduces to 10% to 20% after 7PM.