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Review by Slipen See Profile

  • Location: Cairo,Grady,GA
  • Cost: $80 per month
Good "It has not exploded yet?"
Bad "Consistent below .50mbps speed"
Overall "Avoid this provider at all cost, constant lies and bs"
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Updated : 9-26-12 It has been almost two years since I started having issues with the dsl Windstream. They refuse or don't know how to fix the problem, continue to sell service on a DSLam their own techs tell me are way overloaded already. They give you an every revolving 6 month time frame as to when it will be fixed that never happens. You either have to get on at 1-5am for your service to work anywhere close to what you pay for, at peak times you might as well just get off the computer and watch tv because your connection slows to a crawl with speeds of .15,.25,.45 out of 3.0. When you call and ask about the upgrades that were suppose to be in place to fix the speed/latency issue they have no idea what you are talking about. If you are stuck with this as your only broadband provider the best thing you can do is file a formal complaint with the BBB and the public service commission in your state. Windstream knows in a lot of rural areas they are the only provider and will treat you like crap once you are a customer, they will lie and tell you that you can stream videos and play games on the connection (which is true) if you get over half the speed you pay for.

7/30/12 Avoid this provider if at all cost, if you live in an area where they have no competition you will not get any upgrades or decent service. They are notorious for overselling their product. The techs will tell you they don't know why they are still selling DSL in your area when the DSLam is @ 98% capacity. You can expect to be lied to and when you complain about it only get 10.00 credit for your troubles. We were told February 2011 when we started getting constant sub .50mbps connection that they would have it fixed by June of 2011 at the latest, we called back in July the ETR was moved to Dec of 2011 and then to Jun 2012 and now Dec 2012. I was told by a tech yesterday don't expect them to spend any money on your DSLam. They have no competition where you are so they have no fear of losing you. DO NOT GET THIS SERVICE IF YOU CAN HELP IT!!

When we first got DSL years ago it was a blessing, able to finally play our online games, Netflix, Youtube and such. We had been seeing consistent speeds of 2.5+ 95% of the time (paying for 3.0). This is not the case now, repeated calls to tech support (we will send a tech out) 3-4 days pass nothing happens, still slow speeds. My upload is beating my download speeds. We call back, tech support has no record of us calling or them telling us they would send someone out.

Rinse and repeat for basically the last 2-3 months, can't stream movies half the time, don't even think about playing an online game that requires quick response time. My 3G phone seems to be faster most of the time than my dsl. If you want to watch a youtube video hit play then pause it and walk away for awhile. 40 dollars of my 80 dollar phone bill is for the dsl, I am not even receiving half the speed I am paying for. When we could get 1.5 it seemed faster than the 3.0 we have now.

It is basically a crap shoot on what kind of internet you will have when you sit down at the computer now. I just go ahead and reset the router,modem and pc before I try to do anything. We use to be able to XBOX it play wow and stream a movie without a problem now you are lucky if you could do any of the one at a time.

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It is now the 3rd of Feb and 3 days past my last ETR, my connection is still crap at non peak and peak times. I am just waiting for my "new" ETR since this one came and went.

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