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Review by Gathis See Profile

  • Location: Mill Spring,Polk,NC
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Windstream started out ok, but in the last two years they have obviously picked up more customers in my area, without upgrading their facilities. This is gross incompetence. There doesn't seem to be any communication between their sales team and their service team. Otherwise these types of mistakes could have been avoided. Over selling a area without upgrades? This isn't a sound business practice. I pay for a 3mb service as this is all that is available to me. Three years ago they stayed at the 3MB speeds. Around July of 2011 things started going sour though. For nearly 5 months starting around early July I had half that speed or less, really high pings, and terrible tech support. It smoothed out a bit from Nov 2011 to June 2012 . Since mid June 2012 things have been horrible. I see a definite trend (School lets out) . It's odd that I could see it, but Windstream was caught flat footed? They either knew it was coming and didn't do anything to prevent it or they are incompetent. My speeds today....... .67 DL ..34 upload 280 Ping

According to tech support this will not be fixed until Sept 30th. OMG! 3:09 EST 7/26/12 »www.speedtest.net/result/2085753917.png

Last year around June WS admitted to overselling my DSLam and agreed that fiber must be ran to fix the issue. Also this issue has been going on since spring of 2011. Anyway, they gave me an ETR of fall of 2012. That rolled around and they changed it to December. That date came and went and they said Feb or the first of March sigh.......

They finally got the power company to change out many of the poles down the 3.8 miles of road to my DSLam.

Once they ran it then I was told it would be two to three weeks to get it switched over to us. The subs did everything in an orderly manner and set the new DSLam, including the power pole to feed it AC voltage. There is a new meter in from the power company and has been so for three weeks now.

This is where I feel my blood pressure rise. After three weeks of power on the new DSLam NO WORK has been done to switch us over, why? Because now I'm told that they are waiting on the pins to be delivered?

Seriously WS what the hell? You have known for nearly a GD year that you were running fiber. Why in god's name didn't you have that ordered to be ready when the fiber was done?

Are you sure you aren't a branch of the government or something, because you don't seem to have a clue concerning deadlines. FYI, that third ETR you gave me has come and gone again and my internet still sucks a monkey's ass!

Also the local WS engineer refuses to answer my calls or return messages. Does being on DSL reports mean that we get ignored as well?

I have been polite thus far but the patience phase of this debacle is over for me and my family, and I’d imagine for the rest of the people who are on this old DSLam as well

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Milledgeville, GA

Windstream : General Review

I've had Windstream (Greenstreak) service for several years now and pay ~$50/mo. for 6Mbps. Until this past June the service was OK, although I've gone through several malfunctioning modems. Windstream replaced the bad modems quickly = no problems. Then in June the service dropped off horribly. Not just slow connection speed but NO connection for several hours each and every day. Have talked with several semi-competent csr - they do not seem to have a clue about specific area problems and can only work from a formal script. Again they sent a new modem -Fast 1704- again no improvement. They sent three technicians - all three said the connection problem is not in the copper. One said that they (WS) are working on the lines - just down the road and the problem will be solved in August. One said that the company is have major latency problems "all over" and are working on it. As of today I am able to get on line (although slow) about 50% of the time and when I do the speed is about 50% of what I pay for. I am sorely disappointed with Windstream service.


Re: Windstream : General Review

Recently my brother in law moved to a rural area of NC that is served by a different ISP. He called them up for service and asked for a phone and broadband. Their answer to him was ," the phone service isn't a problem, however we cannot at this time give you broadband, as this would slow our existing customers".

When he told me what they said I was like....WOW! they really said that? He also said they put him on a waiting list so that if someone dropped their internet they would call him up and let him have a chance to get service.

I told this story to point out the gross negligence Windstream shows it's customers compared to the other company. I hold the CEO and upper management responsible for all the over subscriptions in these rural areas. I talked to the field techs and the specialist online ,and they totally know what the issue is. Unfortunately I don't think Windstream's CEO gives a damn.
I also know Windstream received a bunch of money from our taxes to improve rural areas, and the CEO got a hell of a raise as well. Yo MR. Gardner, oversubscribing areas isn't improving them!
I would like to point out that the techs here at DSL reports have been helpful.

I hope to update this review near Sept 30th (my ETR) with the good news that my internet is fixed.