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Review by Silver_2000 See Profile

  • Location: Grand Prairie,Dallas,TX
  • Cost: $4000 per month (60 month contract)
  • Install: about 90 days
Good "Allworx phones are good"
Bad "Customer service is awful - in EVERY Way - slow unresponsive - arrogant"
Overall "Avoid them at all cost. Its not worth the pain"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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We made the mistake of buying a phone system and network connections from Paetec - which was taken over by Windstream. We have 5 locations, multiple T1's, VOIOP phone system, MPLS network and VPN tunnels. Both Peatec and Windstream have been struggling to meet BASIC service level agreements.

Most recent example is we needed the IP address changed on a VPN tunnel. Its been 32 days and we just NOW have an APPT to START getting the IP address changed. That's ridiculous. Its 5 min worth of work. Not 32 days to resolution 32 days to get to the agent who CAN do the work - I hope.

The worst part is that no one at windstream sees this as a problem. Ive attempted to Escalate, you get lots of talk but NO action, no resolution to the on going customer service failures. Ill be shocked if they are still in business when our contract is up.

I rated the connection reliability as good but Windstream buys T1's from Verizon and ATT so they get NO credit for that.

Update : Windstream acts like a company circling the drain. The response from support takes longer and longer. Its typical to get no response from them. The good news about getting ignored is that if they ignore you at least they arent lying to you ....

Like many customers, We are in the process of breaking our contract due to repeated outages and lack of response. We have replaced ALL of the Windstream provided services and increased our internet speeds by 5x to 12x and saved $2000 a month in the process...

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