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  • Location: Lexington,Lexington,SC
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I have been a Windstream customer for 12 years now mostly because Time Warner hit rock bottom in the CSR department. I honestly didn't think anyone could get any worse, but Windstream, you have proved me wrong.

I recently upgraded my DSL service from 3MB to 12 MB in hopes of getting faster internet speeds. The first time I called, they said that they could have my 12 MB switched over in about a day. So, I waited a week and my internet speed tests went from 3MB to .065 Mbps. It actually got worse. I called Windstream back and was told that the sales person I spoke to was a "NEWB" and accidentally signed me up for 24 Mb service which isn't even offered in my area. The rep on the phone apologized and said he'd have it fixed in a few days.

A few days pass by and my service was still clocking speeds at .065 Mbps. I called tech-support back again and was told this time that the modem I had was not the correct modem. So, in good faith, they sent me out a $150 modem with wifi for free! I got the modem the next day, hooked up my service and was now getting speeds at 4.5 Mbps. A little better, but still not the 12 MB I was promised.

So I started using my DSL and noticed at night time, it crawled to around .024 Mbps download. It was basically unusable. After reading similar stories on these forums, I've come to find out that Windstream is simply overselling the market and not upgrading lines to fulfill need. It used to be that DSL was a reliable service that gave you what you paid for if you lived fairly close to the Central Office. Unlike Cable Internet where it's mostly a "shared internet service" DSL was usually good about avoiding over saturation. Well I don't know what the heck Windstream is doing, but just like everyone else on here, I'd run as far away from these jokers as you can.

I never thought I'd say this, but Time Warner, here I come. Your customer service may suck, but at least you invest money into keeping up with the demand of you customers.

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Windstream has bad service

we have to double dial just to make a phone call, call let it ring hang up REAL Quick then hit Redial to make a call! and i have heart problems! but a Good friend told me if i had problems like a heart attack and i couldnt dial out some one would have to answer! Windstream has BAD Service even the telephone men tell us they do! and not once have we got paid for our DROPPED CALLS like it says in the phone book! only if we had another phone co, to go to