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Six Month Rating

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Review by Brian_M See Profile

  • Location: Manchester,Meriwether,GA
  • Cost: $55 per month (6 month contract)
  • Install: about 4 days
  • Telco party AllTel
Good "quick to answer the phone, individual agents try to be helpful"
Bad "So many issues above the heads of the ground level employees"
Overall "Save yourself the frustration, just avoid Windstream"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
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Value for money:
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My Other Reviews

I'm right now, smack dab in the middle of my 6 month contract. I made my first call, complaining about speed issues, high latency, and poor quality of service 4 whole days after going live and there's been no resolution.

Stepping back a bit, I want to comment on my pre-sales call when I was gathering information. While the gentleman (Patrick) was easy to understand, friendly and quick with information, some of the information he provided was completely false/lies. The major item was the explanation of how the modem would be "free", when in fact it costs $50. I questioned this quite thoroughly during the pre-sales call only to have the verbal claims turn out to be completely false.

The only good I've had is my local tech. He showed up on time, was quick with work and had things running quickly. He's also been out quickly the first 4 times (first 10 days after going live) that I called about having issues.

Sad, but I Expect the above from companies anymore. The worst part is the complete lack of service. I have not had one single day where I have had my full 6mb down through the whole day. From 6pm~after I'm in bed, I can count on having 1.5mb down on GOOD days, but it's more common to have well under 1mb. No where near enough to stream anything. Ping times were in the 500~3000ms range for awhile, but something's changed in the past couple of weeks and it's not down to under 100ms pretty much all of the time. Of course, that blows a big ole hole in the Windstream claim that the speed issues are due to latency problems. The service seems Throttled to me as it gets to whatever DL speed very quickly, and stays there very steady. Not at all like the prior issues when latency was the issue.

I've averaged 3 calls a week about this issue. Some pathetic compensation has been offered, not nearly enough to compensate for a complete inability to use the service contracted. The people I've spoken with sound nearly as frustrated with the situation as I am, and I do my best not to take it out on the entry-level CS agents as it's really NOT their problem. But it seems to me that this is a deep-seated issue, at the upper reaches of the company and as a direct result of the greedy top management who'd rather pocket more money than take care of the customers. Short sighted, and if you take a look at the Windstream forums here, you'll see Nothing but complaints. As soon as my 6 months are up (and probably in the 6th month) I'm going to switch to the other ISP in my area. I *Thought* I was choosing the lesser of 2 evils, but I chose wrong.

Update 1/1/13 ~ As I paid for the last month of my Windstream contract, I ordered cable internet. While it's Also crippled, at least there's enough head space that I'm still running faster than Windstream could provide if their system was perfect. The last 2 weeks on Windstream (over the Christmas holidays), DL speeds never crested 1mbps, and were typically UNDER 0.1mbps. Seems like that's a fairly common thing by checking the forums. In the month or two before that, Windstream was throttling my service to 1.5mbps from about 3pm on till well after I was in bed. "acceptable" isn't a word you use to describe any part of Windstream service.

Folks, if you have any other choice it's bound to be better than Windstream. Worst case, ask your neighbors (anyone who has the same phone prefix) to find out just how bad it is.

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